2006 lx

  1. TheBog

    '06 LX470 Build Thread

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum, but have been lurking for the last 6 months as I shopped for an upgrade to my '07 Corolla. After deciding on a 4runner, then re-deciding I wanted a GX470, I finally landed a deal on a 180k '06 LX470 and flew to CA to pick it up. A huge thanks to all of you...
  2. H

    2006 Land Cruiser 101,000 miles, one owner. Price?

    When I was looking for a Land Cruiser I left a note under the wiper of a really nice looking 2006 LX that was parked in front of a house close to where I live. After that I found my 1998 LX with 134,000 miles and bought it for a great price. Very happy with it BUT.... Now the owner of the 2006...
  3. TexasCharley

    2006 LX470 Fully Loaded. Should I...?

    Recently had to put down my '99 do to a poor diagnosis from the insurance adjuster. Sooo I am shopping, again. '99 Final Farewell by TexasCharley posted Feb 4, 2018 at 7:43 AM I came across a 2006 LX470 FULLY loaded including night vision, rear headrest entertainment etc. 1 owner well...
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