2006 lc

  1. JBH2020

    Lc100 reverse facing 3rd row

    Hey All, I’m new here so forgive me if I’m doing this wrong. bought a used 2006 lc100 and it came with its 3rd row seaTS uninstalled. after installing one it turns out that the other has reverse facing rail. so one faces the front and the other faces the rear. how to I install the bottom...
  2. Harp123

    SOLD  North Louisiana 2006 UZJ100 Sonora Gold

    After having only one maybe two serious inquiries from this forum, I guess I have it over priced or most people just hate Sonora Gold. Either way, my intention is to sell it by spring to purchase another 200 series for the extra tow rating. I recently purchased a new boat which is around 5,000...
  3. P

    Wanted  Portland: 2006 Land Cruiser - what's a fair price?

    Hey guys, found and fell in love with this cruiser for sale in Portland, but I'm concerned it's priced too high for the mileage (but this would be my first cruiser so I could be wrong! That's why I'm here). It has 243k miles and is currently listed for 18k. So, I'm here (hoping it's okay) to ask...
  4. mgsmith125

    New Owner DIY Questions (2006 LC with 110K miles)

    Hey All, I just bought a 2006 Land Cruiser with about 110K miles on it. The maintenance records were pretty good with no major issues as far as I saw. I deleted the ACH myself and replaced with 1.5" OME medium kit, new 33" Goodyear wrangler Trailrunners, brake pads, rotors. I have a couple...
  5. TheBog

    '06 LX470 Build Thread

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum, but have been lurking for the last 6 months as I shopped for an upgrade to my '07 Corolla. After deciding on a 4runner, then re-deciding I wanted a GX470, I finally landed a deal on a 180k '06 LX470 and flew to CA to pick it up. A huge thanks to all of you...
  6. T

    2006 Landcruiser Lift kit

    I just bought a 2006 LC and didnt realize the adjustable suspension feature is difficult or expensive to lift I just want it lifted a little I hate the stock look and wanted to put bigger tires,
  7. hindenpetah

    SOLD  Built 2006 100 series- Sale Pending

    I've received a deposit. Sale Pending. Thank you guys! This build is in fantastic condition with a clean title and has been religiously dealer maintained throughout its lifespan. Mostly freeway miles logged by previous owner who used it for long cross country business trips. Over $10k went...
  8. livefreeordie

    To buy or not?

    I'm the FNG here; however, I have been reading my fair share. Trying to get some general advice on whether to pull the trigger on this vehicle. Everything seems to check out except the miles and price are a little higher than I wanted. Getting ready to get an inspection now. Info 2006 LC...
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