200 chassis

  1. C

    Wheel / Tire suggestions - factory LC 200 series

    So I did it... I traded in my Tacoma on a new LC! Way way more than I envisioned spending but with the tax credit and need for something to tow my airstream I justified it! I can’t stand how “city” it looks so I’m researching rims and tires. I’ve narrowed in on the method 305’s in matte black...
  2. THLJ626

    200 series body mounts to 80 series chassis

    Howdy, wanting to know what is required to weld 200 series body mounts to my 80 series and if that is even possible. I've seen on 4wd Action Australia that Shawno put 200series mounts on a 80 series chassis (the new dirty 30) but they just said that's what they did, there we no details as to how...
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