1vd-ftv conversion

  1. Ali M

    2UZFE Swap for 1VD-FTV?

    Has anyone done a 1VD-FTV swap on their rig? Just curious of how complex and expensive it would be. I know the 4.5L V8 D is not cheap either from looking at ebay with prices north of $10K per rebuilt engine. I am thinking the complexities will be around the following areas if I am not mistaken...
  2. Locked79

    Builds  Locked79's Build Thread. Vdj79 + Fzj105 = ?

    I thought I might start a thread detailing my latest project. This is to help people who might be thinking of doing the same and to try and nut out some of the problems I'm having. I'm not good at writing these kind of things so please bare with me. What I wanted was a solid axle vehicle with...
  3. Sporty Forty

    Quad Cab - 4 door coil sprung shortened troopy/extended swb build

    Hi all, Starting to do a 4 door troopy type of thing. Aquala call them quad cab, so I will call it the same. I like the look of their one so heading towards that look, but being in Australia it's price prohibitive to ship that body here otherwise I would. Started off with a 1984 FJ45 ute in...
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