1991 land cruiser

  1. E5corn

    New FJ80 (new to me)

    hey everyone! Just recently purchased an 1991 FJ80, it’s got the snorkel, Kaymar rear bumper, ARB front, Safari snorkel... and it had all of its original emissions stuff!
  2. C

    Starting problem for 1991 Fj80

    Hey all, My rig has recently been having problems in the starting department, ever since i got it, it has been having the "Click" issue and about a month ago it has just not started at all. i have looked at the starter and it appears to be in good shape mechanically and electrically. I also...
  3. K

    No power to rear wheels without CDL on

    Hi everyone, This is my first post so bear with me. This weekend I put a new 3rd member in my 1991 Land cruiser and kept the drive shaft off because I need to match the rear gearing to the new front gearing. As I was trying to leave I had no power to the rear wheels like it was in neutral. The...
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