1987 fj60

  1. zachbass02

    First foray into a vintage Cruiser....1987 FJ60

    I'm extremely glad that I found this site. My wife and I have decided to jump in head first into owning an FJ60. This is really my first time owning a vintage truck and intend it to be my daily driver. We bought the truck a few weeks ago and since I've been trying to learn all I can about it...
  2. 5four3too1

    Couldn’t help it..... Bought it, 1987 FJ60

    Well I just bought the slowest vehicle I’ve ever driven. I’m convinced I bought a tractor and I love the damn thing. I’m determined to keep this iron pig rolling over the mountain tops of Colorado. I bought it from the original owner and it’s still stock. Before I can trust it in the backwoods...

    Beginning of the 60 build

    Rusty AF Starting the roof, she was bogged and painted over and sold to me, NO love, so im gonna have to show her some love. About a year passed and rust started oozing through above the drivers side door, then in another spot and another so after some time decided to peel back the roof and...
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