1983 toyota lancdruiser

  1. Trout77

    For Sale  Rome, GA : 1983 FJ60

    Posting for a friend. Has a 5cyl Mercedes Turbo Diesel in it. Aluminum wheels with 37/12.50 Military tires.Body has been painted with bedliner $2,500. Frame has some rust and so does the body.
  2. CaptClose

    SOLD  Pristine 1983 FJ60 aka: Cream Puff - TEXAS

    Okay.... this is an opportunity to purchase (what I feel) is one of the best examples of an unmolested, low mileage, rust-free 60-Series Land Cruiser in the country. I’m moving on to other Land Cruiser projects, and I need to raise some capital and clear some garage space for my next project...
  3. Bas Zuidberg

    tips on changing '83 HJ47 troop carrier back to original

    Hi, I recently (finally) purchased a 1983 HJ47RV-KCQ troop carrier. Had a PTO winch at delivery. Modifications include a second diesel tank and a spare wheel carrier fitted by the Australian army. Later a water tank was added by the previous owner. Pictures attached. Would like to keep it in as...
  4. R

    For Sale  1983 Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser in amazing condition

    For Sale: $21,000. Because I can't seem to figure out how to add photos here, I've uploaded the photos to an online icloud site which can be found by clicking HERE. Because I am moving to Hawaii and do not want to ship it, I am selling my beautifully restored 2 owner, low mileage 1983 FJ60...
  5. 8360fj

    For Sale  Clean 1983 FJ60; 134k original miles

    1983 FJ60 in great condition with 134k miles. Runs strong. Have owned for 12 years and only had to replace the smog pump (the day I bought it!). Used as a daily driver for one of the 12 years, unfortunately have not been driving it as much so time to let someone else enjoy it. Everything is...
  6. S

    For Sale  1983 BJ60 OREGON $3990

    We have finally broken down and have gotten a 5th wheel trailer. The Land Cruiser will not pull it. Need to make room in the barn for our pickup. This was a daily commute for many years and was used as a farm vehicle for the last 10 years. 300k miles. Runs solid, head and rings have 10k...
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