1981 fj40

  1. KY Longhunter

    1981 FJ40 Tub Dimensions Needed

    Hey if any 80+ FJ40 owners could help, I am wanting to double check some dimensions. 1. Distance between A pillar and door post? 2. Distance from Tranny Door and Seat post? 3. Distance from firewall to Seat Post? Thanks in advance!
  2. 1981Vintage

    For Sale 1981 FJ40 RestoMod

    1981 FJ40: Acquired in 2005. Orignated from Paciifc NW; reworked in TN; rebuilt and modified under my ownership. Has, unfortunately, become a gareg queeen. Would like to provide the next FJ40 opportunity to someone who appreciates these vehicles. What was done: New Aqualu aluminum bed +...
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