18" rims

  1. Mikes04LX470

    For Sale  18" OEM Lexus LX470 18" wheels - 5 lug hole pattern - Silver (qty 4)

    I have five (5) OEM Lexus LX470 (2004) 18" Wheels - 5 lug whole pattern - Matte/Lustre Silver (bright silver) Includes lugs and OEM center caps with Lexus logo, valve stems, and spare has a tire mounted, other 4 are without tires. Rims could use a powder coat as they have become a bit...
  2. L

    For Sale  5 x 18"x 8" OEM Alloys

    Off 2003 FZJ100. $200 OBO. One painted black. The rest are slightly sun damaged silver. Comes with four center caps.
  3. J

    For Sale  100 series 18’ wheels - Excellent condition

    Full set of 100 series 18 inch wheels. The wheels came off my 2006 with 132,000 miles. I just picked up my rig in November and decided to pick up a different set of OEM 18’s this week. These wheels are in mint condition, honestly amazed at how clean they are. Kudos to the previous owner...
  4. O

    For Sale  5-2017 Land Cruiser 18" Wheels $500 OBO

    Set of 5 2017 Land Cruiser wheels. These were removed from my Land Cruiser at 5,000 miles and replaced with Rock Warriors. Willing to ship if buyer wants to pay shipping. Excellent condition. They were never taken offroad. Lug nuts included. $500 OBO Craigslist ad with pictures: 2017 Toyota...
  5. Roswell Cruiser

    For Sale  Set of 18" Black Level 8 Wheels + Tires (ATL, GA)

    I am selling a set of 4 Level 8 18" black wheels on Cooper Discovery H/T 265/60/18 tires. The wheels are in very good shape, with one wheel having a little bit of curb rash on the outer edge in one area (see pics for detail). Wheels come with all lugs and center caps. Tires don't have much...
  6. DJCloz

    Wanted  LX470 18" stock wheels SOCAL

    hi. I'm looking for a set of LX 470 18" stock rims in decent condition. I'm not too interested in tires, but would consider everything if tires mounted. I'm located in so cal and prefer to pickup up within a couple hundred miles
  7. txoutdoorx4

    Wanted  1 Spare 100 Series 18" Wheel

    I'm in desperate need for one (1) spare wheel for a 100 Series in size 18". If you have one available, please let me know. Thanks!!!
  8. krice118

    200 Series and Tundra wheels on 100 series photo thread

    In my search for what my LC would look like with different Tundra wheels I think it would be nice if we had a thread where everyone who has tundra or different than LC stock rims could post up in one thread so we can all get an idea of what they look like. If yall post a pic please tell us...
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