1. PetrichorGW

    For Sale  5 OEM FJ40 steelies with clips & BFG All-Terrain T/A KO2 30X9.5R15


    For Sale  Stock 15" wheels (1995.5-2001 Tacoma) with 32"x11.5 Yokohama Geolanders and spare...

    Located in Charlotte NC. I'm upgrading wheels and tires. Original owner so I can vouch for them. Wheels are currently plastic-dipped black. There are only minor blemishes underneath. The plastic center caps however, did not age well but I have them and they look fine plastic-dipped. The tires...
  3. scoobiedubes

    SOLD  AZ OEM 15" Steelies with BFG A/T 33x9.5R15 Tires, Set of 5

    I just removed these from my FJ45LV and replaced with 16" steelies and a different tire. Set of 5 is up for grabs, hubcap clips are included. Tires have lots of tread left on them, according to P/O have less than 1000 miles on them. Located in Phoenix, AZ. Not sure I could ship these since...
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