1/4 panel



    Just breaking my sliders out from the bumper thread. Getting confusing.... HA! All are bolt-on Pricing and Options are on the Cruiser Mart site now. SLIDERS--Featured Products 3" x 2" x .188" rectangle main rail 1-5/8" x .120" round rub rail 1-1/2" x .188" frame legs 1/4" laser cut gussets...
  2. RisingSunLCS

    For Sale  60 series Sheet metal

    Parted out a 89 JDM HJ 60. Body was in great shape. Paint you see on these panels are original and are not perfect by any means but, atleast you see what you are getting. The entire body was really clean interms of typical cruiser rust. Truck received some rust protection the first year I owned...
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