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  1. hhhill2001

    For Sale  100 in OKC

    This was my LC until I upgraded to my 200….gave to my son who has driven for last 4 years….he upgraded to Tundra and now he’s selling….great reliable LC and will make great starter LC for the price. In OKC with clean title….feel free to call or text with questions…. 903.445.9935
  2. urist

    Intro & AHC Question

    Intro Hey folks. Long time lurker and recent purchaser of an '03 LX 470 in great condition. Rides incredibly well, handles well, and powertrain is in fantastic shape (surprise?). I can actually still pull 17 MPG on the interstate...no cruise control, of course. :^) As far as the dealer knew...
  3. masonhayman1017

    Bump it off road HC bumper?

    Hey boys I’m looking at this BIOR high clearance rear bumper. I haven’t seen any pictures other than the few on their site. Anyone have pics of this bumper? Specifically the HC one NOT the regular one. Any help would be appreciated ! Custom High Clearance Bumper For Toyota Land Cruiser -...
  4. Macsluci

    The infamous clunk

    Yes. I know this has been covered but it hasn't helped. All points have been greased moly, oils changed. Little to no movement in the cvs. It will clunk when going from R to D or when in park to those when there isn't tension in the driveline. It will jolt/clunk when hitting gas after coasting...
  5. M

    [Photos] What are these rusted parts / should I be worried?

    Hey folks, sorry for the noob question. New forum and 100 series owner. I was inspecting the engine bay more intently and found these rusty looks sections. I was wondering parts these were and if I should be worried about the amount of rust there. Thanks!
  6. masonhayman1017

    100 Spc uca alignment specs? What works for you?

    So I installed the spc uca this weekend and took it in for an alignment. So far seems pretty good but it does veer slightly to the left, is this normal? I don’t know anything about alignment specs so this is all kind of confusing to me. Here are the results of my alignment (running 285/75/18 ome...
  7. 6h9

    SOLD  Southeastern PA: 2001 Landcruiser 100series 199K

    I have a 2001 100 series Land Cruiser. $9000. 2UZ-FE v8 I was back and forth on this but I finally decided to sell my land cruiser. One of my favorite cars to own. It is my daily driver . I only put on 11k/yr. I am the second owner. I purchased it a in the winter of '18 from a local dealer...

    SOLD  San Diego, CA 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser (UZJ100), Rear Locking Diff

    It's time for me to let my baby go. Got a new/old truck (2003 Ford F350 diesel) and the wife isn't letting me keep all my trucks so it's time to sell my Landy. Price: $18,000 OBO Mileage: 174,062 Location: San Diego, CA Here's the details: '98 LC - UJZ100, Factory rear diff locker, SPC UCA...
  9. R

    Weighing value of Cruiser after worst case scenario

    New to threads... hopefully I'm doing this right after reading the guide... So I have a 98 LC with 268k miles on it (no lockers). I've reached the point where I go ahead and do regular maintenance on it adding cost to the vehicle and need to get "kinda" practical against a newer non LC...
  10. H

    300k mile 1998 Land Cruiser for Sale Thoughts? Help!

    Trying to decide if a 1998 Land Cruiser with 300k miles on it is worth it. Seller is asking $4,200 so I could probably get him down into the $3,500 range. Seller has informed me: - Timing Belt replaced 17k miles ago - Brakes replaced in the last 18 months - Oil last changed in late Fall -...
  11. masonhayman1017

    Atrac not engaging help?

    Hey guys I have an 01 lc and for the life of me can not get the tires to slip on anything. It def feels like 4wd is being engaged but still haven’t heard the atrac “beep” or seen the light. I know the light works because it comes on when I start the truck but my question is aside from crawling...
  12. masonhayman1017

    100 series to gx470 am I crazy?

    So I have owned a 100 series landcruiser for about a year. I am starting to love this whole “luxury” off-roader platform and discovered the gx470. Now I’m torn between the two. I love how the gx looks but am I going to be making a mistake by moving from the 100 to a gx470 build? So I am coming...
  13. D

    SOLD  WY - 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser - 228k, Mild Build

    *I just picked her up from the shop after having the front brakes re-done (new pads & rotors) as well as having the front bearings replaced (with seals). I drove it last week and felt the brakes chattering, so I couldn't sell it that way - so now we're back to good as new! Also, new OME shocks...
  14. ndoak

    Looking to Join the 100 community.

    Hello all! I am looking to buy a new FJ. I sold my '89 a few years back, and want to own a truck again. I am looking for some insight regarding 100-series cruisers and what to look for when buying one. I've looked through the Classifieds here, but most of the trucks are in too good of condition...
  15. donuteater

    FREE  CA:San Diego 100 Series 3rd Row Free

    Before I get rid of them wanted to see if anyone wants grey leather 3rd row seats for a 100 series. I can send pictures.
  16. Porzingis213


    Hi everyone. I have come to get knowledge on my 2000 lc because I have a P0171 code and I can’t figure out what it is. I have replaced all O2 sensors and had reset but code came back 2 days later. I have had a evap leak before and I know I did not have the best mechanic in town. What would you...
  17. G

    Third row seat belts missing in 2000 LC?

    Hi Guys, I just bought my first Cruiser recently. It has the third row seats present, but no seat belts or any bolt holes/points to attach visible in the window column. Is this normal? It'd great to get advice on how to proceed with fitting a set. Cheers
  18. hammertimeSD

    300k on my 100 series—is it safe to tow?

    Hey all, I’ve read through many threads here but would love advice on my specific situation from the brain trust here. I’ll be doing the Utah BDR in a couple weeks in my rig, along with two friends on KTM bikes. It’s a 12 hour drive from San Diego to the starting point in Mexican Hat and then...
  19. B

    SOLD  Orange County, CA: 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser

    I am selling our 1998 Land Cruiser as I've purchased a unique FJ62. We have recently spent a ton on getting our vehicle ready for a planned roadtrip up the Dalton Hwy in Alaska as soon as covid is over however a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase an extremely unique FJ62 presented itself...
  20. GKCreighton2020

    Newbie 100 series

    I’m just starting to build my family’s 2000 LC 100 series. Has been in my family since 2002, has 264K miles, and has been well taken care of for many years. I learned how to drive in this and now I own it for real! Feel free to suggest modifications and accessories. I am looking to upgrade the...
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