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  1. Tancruiser

    Thoughts on Tesla pickup truck

    What were they thinking 🤔
  2. Tancruiser

    Finally home

    After 7 months in the hospital I’m finally home my son took me out in the LV . Thanks to all who prayed for me I still have a long recovery but at least I’m home.
  3. Tancruiser


    Oh you vultures I’m still in the hospital send help I have limited use of my hands if you pray please pray if you don’t pray anyway .
  4. Tancruiser

    Feeling sick

    hey guys headed home a couple of days ago and have taken pretty il I’m stuck on the east coast till they get this figured out . I can barely walk never mind drive back to Colorado any prayers would be greatly appreciated. Tancruiser
  5. Tancruiser

    45 pickup

    Saw this one show up in town recently.
  6. Tancruiser

    For Sale  Dual battery setup

    For sale dual battery set up from off grid engineering brand new with intstructions I’m just not going to use it . $150.00 shipped to you in the lower 48 .
  7. Tancruiser

    Wanted  Battery hold down

    Anyone out there have one of these
  8. Tancruiser

    Wanted  Oil pan

    I’m looking for an oil pan for a 2F engine. Thanks
  9. Tancruiser

    Farewell my

    just another day in paradise a little dusty but sure beats working.
  10. Tancruiser

    Old warn winch

    What do you guys think this winch is worth? The motor needs work and it needs a new brake linings, the guy wants $600.00 and it has no controls . I want it for my vintage LV just not sure it’s worth it.
  11. Tancruiser

    Wanted  Fj 40 window regulater

    I’m still needing one dead pre1974 window regulater for parts only thanks
  12. Tancruiser

    Wanted  heater duct

    Wanted a heater duct for 1973 fj40.
  13. Tancruiser

    Wanted  Wanted 2 old fj 40 window regulaters

    Just really looking for the knobs I’m building some window cranks for my LV . Thanks
  14. Tancruiser

    Cruise Moab

  15. Tancruiser

    Wanted  Camshaft

    wanted I’m needing a camshaft for an F engine . Thanks
  16. Tancruiser

    For Sale  LV taillight lenses

    One has been repaired still very usable $100.00 plus shipping pm me for more detailed pics.
  17. Tancruiser

    Classic tr3

    My 1962 tr3a
  18. Tancruiser

    LV at Cruise Moab

  19. Tancruiser


  20. Tancruiser

    Wanted  Wanted 1 bump stop the one that bolts onto the axel with the u bolts

    Some how I misplaced 1 on my LV thanks anyone?
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