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  1. James Bentley

    Glovebox "strut"

    Has anyone replaced or modified their glovebox strut? It appears my "string" has broken and I can't find a p/n for this. Depending on cost, I may just try and tie a knot in it and carry-on.
  2. James Bentley

    Armrest Lid rattles or loose?

    Has anyone dealt with the rubber stoppers/buttons on the Top Armrest Lid when they fall out or break off? I expect it to look like something I see when I open the glove box (2nd image below). My Armrest lid has "play" when closed and this contributes to rattle noise. Keeping my arm on the...
  3. James Bentley

    Rear VENT glass rattle - FIXED!

    Rear VENT glass rattles when open Many thanks to @seanz0rz , @Tahomatom and others who contributed write-up’s and how-to’s I could not have done this so easily without your help (another great reason to contribute AND join/support this forum)! Here is a quick video of Drivers and Passenger...
  4. James Bentley

    For those that installed skid plates (hopefully, from one of Vendors here!)...

    Were you able to re-use the factory splash shield bolts for the section right behind the oil drain access (Mr. T calls them "Cover, Engine Under, NO.2") 5142060010 Toyota COVER, ENGINE UNDER, NO.2 Price: 229.04$, Weight: 2.4kg - PartSouq - Auto Parts Around the World OR Did you have spacers...
  5. James Bentley

    CB for trail rides

    For those of you that have clubs or trail rides that do use CB, what make/model CB radio are you using? I am a licensed General HAM operator with many radios, but am finding the "lowest common denominator" to be CB. I don't have a CB yet and would like to keep the radio purchase to around $100...
  6. James Bentley

    multi flash 3rd brake light?

    Has anyone used a bulb with multi flash capability in the high mount stop light area of the rear hatch? I am looking for a plug and play solution. I would like to find multiflash on initial application of the brake pedal that switches to always on after X amount of flashes. Think stop and go...
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