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    Won't start in P, will start in N

    Thanks Lee! I will try to follow up to this thread.
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    Won't start in P, will start in N

    Thanks Lee! the link was very helpful! Still no issues since you replaced yours?
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    Won't start in P, will start in N

    Bringing up an older thread. Anyone else that was having an issue with not starting find the solution? I have replaced the starter solenoid and starter. Symptom is still there. Insert key, turn and dash lights up but no clicking or starting. I can jiggle the shifter and it will start right up...
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    Shift handle needed

    That looks to be a RHD shifter FWIW.
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    Shift handle needed

    we all have our days... LOL. I just did a quick search because I need one and I remember seeing one a few years ago.
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    Shift handle needed

    Found this with a quick google search Shifter Lever Knob Black Leather 1998-2002 [33542-20160-C0] - $219.44 :, Toyota Landcruiser Parts
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    99 with PS leak down low...replace the rack??

    Most replace the rack due to the amount of work required to get in there. there is a seal kit out there. It is one of the more difficult parts to service on these vehicles. for a while there were a number that replaced with remanned rack and replaced again within a year or two. I may be wrong...
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    Radio replacement / bypass amp

    You can get a harness to by pass the amp under the seat to an after market radio. Crutchfeild carries it.
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    'Pop' goes the front end....

    My pop ended up coming from my skid plates as the frame flexes. To answer your question about bushings - This thread has the best info I am aware of. Hope this helps! Jonathan
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    Upgraded Headlight Bulbs Comparo

    I often wonder if the HIR bulbs I bought years ago were in fact HIR as I was greatly underwhelmed with them...
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    Troubleshooting help...pop while turning

    I had a similar noise. Turned out to be my belly plate of my skids. Had to do with frame flex..... Are you running Slee or BOIR skids?
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    Reverse / Auxillary Lights - Lift Gate Mount

    I believe lab rak made something for this. ...via IH8MUD app
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    Icon shocks

    Never had success in that location. Horrible bracket design and location IMHO. But, some have had success and perhaps you will too. As blue mentioned there are a ton of variables that will affect it. I run my Radflo's on the frame rails using a bracket made for 4runners. Zero problems since...
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    Light Racing 100 Series/LX470 UCA Group Buy @ Metal Tech

    Both spressso and I have had plenty of success. ...via IH8MUD app
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    2000 LX470 OEM Rim questions ?

    Yes. This for front only.
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    Leaves / junk getting in above rear hatch

    Yep. I clean it.
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    Light Racing 100 Series/LX470 UCA Group Buy @ Metal Tech

    That's what I was thinking... To take advantage of the extra travel that can be gained from the SPC uca, you need a new shock. I don't think a longer shock is really needed... But we can discuss more over beers on Sat. Instead of a radfail moment.... We will call this one a craigfail...
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    Light Racing 100 Series/LX470 UCA Group Buy @ Metal Tech

    What exactly were you expecting when you measured? 6-7"? What was the measurement with oem uca?
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    Spacers for 100 series

    Thanks. I have 10 mm ones from motorsports I have been running for a couple years now.
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    Spacers for 100 series

    FWIW, Myself and Bluecruiser both ran different 295's (me on 16's him on 18's) and both experienced rubbing at the pinch weld and top of fender. So prepare for some rubbing.
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