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  1. Jdc1

    For Sale  Akron, OH; Early F intake/exhaust manifold and D40 Carb

    While making an attempt to organize the parts stash this morning, this gem was discovered. Clean manifold set, flapper is free and seems to be working. $350 obo plus insured shipping from 44312 Super Clean D40 single barrel carb and insulator. $350 obo plus insured shipping from 44312.
  2. Jdc1

    For Sale  Akron, OH; Early intake and exhaust manifold

    We are cleaning out our storage and uncovered this gem. Clean, no cracks, heat flapper is free and seems to function properly. $350 OBO Plus insured shipping
  3. Jdc1

    Anyone ever seen one of these?

    April of 1971 Toyota Corona Mark II. 4 cyl with 3 speed auto. A guy around the corner has it for sale and it seems pretty interesting.
  4. Jdc1

    For Sale  1/77 Overflow Bottle

    1/77 Overflow Bottle As pictured, good condition, $35 shipped flat rate ConUs
  5. Jdc1

    For Sale  Side window defrosters

    Side window defrosters As pictured $45 shipped flat rate ConUS
  6. Jdc1

    For Sale  Steering Column Cover

    Steering Column Cover From 4/77, Clean, no cracks. Could use a good polish. $35 shipped ConUS
  7. Jdc1

    For Sale  Tube style spare tire carrier and hinges

    Tube style spare tire carrier with bodyside hinges and latch. $225 plus shipping from 44312
  8. Jdc1

    For Sale  2/3 73+ FJ40 Lower Dash Pads

    2 of 3 Lower Dash pads for 73+ FJ40 with radio. $100 plus shipping. PM me for PayPal details.
  9. Jdc1

    SOLD  OEM FJ40 Power Steering Cooler (Akron, OH)

    OEM FJ40 power steering cooler. $175 plus shipping. PM me for paypal address. Thanks Jesse
  10. Jdc1

    Wanted  1972 FJ40 Bench Seat Latch Pin

    Wanted latch pin for a '72 40 bench seat. Thanks in advance, Jesse
  11. Jdc1

    SOLD  Trail-Tailor FJ40 Front 8274 Winch Bumper (NE OH)

    Trail Tailor Fj40 8274 front bumper Sandblasted and powdercoated Semigloss Black, includes yellow zinc mounting hardware. Ready to mount. This was welded by @reevesci and was not a kit. Welds are a work of art. I am going with a stock bumper for our '72 build. $400 plus shipping.
  12. Jdc1

    What mounts here;?

    1972, 5 piece bench. This tab is on the back of the pass side near the gas tank. As far as I can tell, its for the evap device in the center section of the seat back? Thanks in advance.
  13. Jdc1

    Wanted  FJ60 Steering Arms

    Please Pm me with pic and price. Thanks, Jesse
  14. Jdc1

    Am I on the right track? 60 steering conversion.

    I am helping a buddy with his 60 conversion. 1969 FJ40 with 1980ish front axle and 2F. 2.5" Rocky Mountain lift and 33x12.5 MT. After reading countless threads, i am seeing that the stock shock tower is the limiting factor on how far forward the box needs to be. I would like to not cut the...
  15. Jdc1

    Trade  New, Never Used JT Outfitters Tri Y header for Late 1F Exhaust Manifold

    Looking to trade new never used header for an operational later 1F exhaust manifold in good shape. I had the header sandblasted and then painted with VHT header paint. Exhaust flange included. I'll pay shipping from Akron, OH on the header, you pay shipping on the manifold.
  16. Jdc1

    Wanted  1F Exhaust Manifold

    Looking for clean, functioning 1F exhaust manifold. Thanks, Jesse
  17. Jdc1

    "Tank" 1968 FJ40 Wheeler Build

    My Dad and I are currently neck deep in a frame off, nut and bolt resto mod of a 1972 FJ40 that we rescued off of a hillside in WV. Removing SBC conversion, going back to Toyota. 1972 Frame Off It is currently at the painters and I have had a chance to think about the next project plan for a...
  18. Jdc1

    Is replicating spot welds on quarters/rockers necessary?

    My '72 is in the body shop and will be getting a really nice paint job. Body guy will be using lead and is a perfectionist. He is aware that the spot welds are somewhat visible and wants to replicate them in the paint while making sure that the panels are perfectly flat. Thoughts on the...
  19. Jdc1

    Wanted  1972 FJ40 Cowl Vent Lid

    Looking for the lid for the fresh air vent in cowl. Mine is at bodyshop or id have a pic. Thanks, Jesse
  20. Jdc1

    How annoying is your teenager?

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