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    Trade  feeler 1998 NICELY BUILT LC no rust trade for mostly stock 100/80 series no rust

    feeler for a possible trade? This is previous owners for sale ad/thread for a really nice rig I bought in October, it's pretty detailed write up and has good pics of undercarriage. FS: Properly Built Land Cruiser 100 series $17,500 NJ SOLD!!! It no longer has drawer system, now has seatcovers...
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    Car cover to fit over 100 with mods

    Hey all. New to forum. I have a 98 100 series with arb bumper in front, swing out tire bumper in back which changes dimensions to fit under standard car cover. Awning attached to one roof rack as well. Anyone know of a company that makes a cover which will fit over a truck set up like this? Thanks.
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    Seatcover options for 100 newbie owner

    Very excited to have just bought my first LC. 98 100 series. The seats need some love and I was wondering what kind of simple seat cover options there are; anything waterproof that can just be slipped on and off? I'd appreciate any recommendations of seat covers that you guys use and like...
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    Wanted  looking for 100 series LC up to 23k

    Hi all. Maybe someone out there is upgrading to 200 and wants to get sell truck I am looking for? Looking for as close to zero rust as possible, very well maintained with records, 100 series. LC. Later years (06) ideal but I'm flexible. Main thing is that it was taken care of, not a ton of...
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    newbie question on 200 series price

    Hello all. A dealer has a 2015 LC 70k miles. White. Not crazy underbody rust. Asking price is 46k ish. seems high? I've been stalking it but that price is about 5k out of my range and dealer not flexible. Is 35-40k a decent budget for a an LC comparable year and miles? I am only considering...
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