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  1. LuckyDog

    For Sale  FJ40 Engine Trans Axle, Steering box - In So Cal.

    These all came from a 1963 FJ40. Engine - $200 (SOLD) Trans - $50 - 3 speed with floor shifter Steering box (SOLD) Rear Axle - $50 - this seems to be an early version with the centered gears as opposed to the typically seen offset to the passenger side. I'll be happy to entertain price change...
  2. LuckyDog

    Axle help - Need Replacement Removable Races

    I've come to the well of all knowledge of FJs. Late axle assembled but the axle bearing surfaces were crap. Found some earlier axles with the removable inner race (or course they were beat up as well). I've searched all over and can only find the outer axle bearing with the inner race...
  3. LuckyDog

    Building the Lucky Dog

    This all started as a conversation with the other half and then it took a very cool but strange turn. After all of the hot rodding, roller cams, blowers, and go fast goodies I've been in to over the years, she wants me to build an FJ40 for her.:doh::D Of course a few 'upgrades' are part of the...
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