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  1. red66toy

    Wanted  Pre-1969 FJ40 tail light bracket FOUND

    Hello all, Looking for a non rust/rotted rear brake lamp bracket for my 1965 FJ40. My passenger side one is rotted. Thanks for any help.
  2. red66toy

    Early F engine manual question

    I was looking for a copy of this manual for a couple years and happened upon two at the same time for a great deal so I snapped them up...but there are some interesting differences. Hoping to figure out if they are both 1966 originals or one is a reprint a little later? Left (printed in USA)...
  3. red66toy

    SOLD  FJ80,HZJ80,HDJ80 1990 FSM

    Nice Jan. 1990 FSM for General/European market FJ80/HZJ80 and HDJ80s. Covers show wear but the pages are in great condition. Has nice fold out wiring diagrams in the back. Located in Seattle, WA but can probably fit this heavy beast into a flat rate USPS box. Asking $100. Cheers!
  4. red66toy

    SOLD  New Denso FJ62 AC condenser - WA

    Ordered this AC condenser (Denso 477-0146) before I went a different path with my AC system. Still in the box it shipped in and ready to go! Asking $100 plus shipping. ]
  5. red66toy

    Early hardtop and later doors?

    Anyone know if later doors (66- newer) will fit the early corrugated hard tops? Thanks!
  6. red66toy

    For Sale  FJ62 front seats

    Stock seats for a FJ62. Covers need to be cleaned up but that should be easy with some soap/water and a brush. Levers work. Bottom foam on driver's side of course needs to be replaced. Located in Seattle, WA. Asking $70
  7. red66toy

    Early wheel cylinder rebuild kits

    Anyone have a good source for rebuild kits for the early brake wheel cylinders? Thanks!
  8. red66toy

    MUDShip  Running boards from Dixon,CA to Hanford,CA

    Looking for someone to deliver some FJ40 running boards from Dixon,CA to Hanford ,CA. They would be delivered to @tomsryd . Thanks!
  9. red66toy

    For Sale  WA: new old stock 3FE idle air control valves

    Hey all, Selling a small lot of new old stock idle air control valves (IACV) for the 3FE ( 22270-61010 ). They are a little marked up in some spots due to poor packing by the original seller but nothing to affect them functionally (see photos). These are new Toyota parts that were re-bagged by...
  10. red66toy

    Early hard doors to later soft top bows

    Hey all, Anyone know if early hard doors (with the bug catcher vents) will fit with soft top bows like the real steel set? I know the early hard doors are a little taller and different than the later 66-72 hard doors, just not sure how much of a difference it really is.
  11. red66toy

    Wanted  89-92 3FE cold start timer switch connector

    Looking for the harness side connector for a 89-92 3FE cold start timer switch. Thanks!
  12. red66toy

    84-88 4runner FSM question

    Anyone with a 84-88 4runner FSM, can you please check the testing procedures for the cold start injector timer switch (8946230011)? Looking specifically out ohm readings at specified temps. I am hunting for a replacement for the cs injector timer switch for my FJ62 (which is discontinued)...
  13. red66toy

    In-line fuse recommendations

    Hey all, I installed a beefed up cable (4AWG) running from my alternator to the battery for charging. I have a clunky (and big) 100amp fuse on the end of the cable at the aux battery terminal. Any recommendations for a smaller, in-line fuse setup? I plan on running a second battery soon and want...
  14. red66toy

    Vintage cartridge bearing press for old fisher mtb

    Hey all, Anyone on here with the press in cartridge bearing bottom brackets used on old Kleins and fishers and other vintage MTBs? I need to replace the bearings and spindle but don't have the right tool. What is everyone using for this job? Hammer and socket or a actual press? Thanks!
  15. red66toy

    For Sale  1966 FJ40-carpet edition
  16. red66toy

    For Sale  1963 FJ40- not mine

    Saw this. Not sure if it had already been posted: Looks relatively original despite a few areas.
  17. red66toy

    Octane selector picture

    Anyone have a good pic of what the octane selector position looks like when its at the factory set point position as stated in the FSM? The manual is vague and I can't tell by the pic what the "thick" longitudinal line is when all the lines are similar. Thanks
  18. red66toy

    oil pan for F135 motor

    Anyone know if a 2F oil pan will fit on a F135 motor? Thanks
  19. red66toy

    Wanted  1F engine lift hooks

    aquired a used F135 motor but it didn’t come with the OEM lift hooks. Anyone have a set for a F engine laying around? Thanks!
  20. red66toy

    Corrugated top prices? Looking to buy and need help.

    Hey all, So my 65 FJ40 is a FST model. But as I am going to be bringing it to Seattle in the next few months I have been thinking of going with a hardtop for it for obvious reasons. I have been looking into early corrugated tops as those are period correct and I like their style. I wanted all...
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