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  1. JTU

    Anyone going to New Orleans soon?

    As title says, Is anyone making a trip to N.O. soon? I found a great deal on a fj60 winch bumper but my schedule is tied up for the next few weeks.
  2. JTU

    Trailer Tail Light Converter Wiring?

    I have been fighting the issue of trailer light with my 60 for hours. I'm not an electrical wiz but I know it shouldn't be this hard. Trying to get my 60 trailer towing ready for a trip I leave on Monday. I have searched and searched the forums and I can not find the definitive answer of...
  3. JTU

    For Sale  Fj60 Used Complete Diff

    I have a front and rear complete front and rear diff from a 1985 fj60. 3:73 gear ratio, open carrier. Rear third has 225k miles on it, front diff has barely any miles on it. Bearings are good, no pinion leaks. Located in MS, can easily ship. $500 + shipping.
  4. JTU

    For Sale  80 series FrontRunner Slimline Roof Rack

    As title states, selling a FrontRunner Slimline roofrack off of my 80 series. It is in good condition with no bends or dents. The anodizing has come off a few crossbars on the top. Has all the gutter clamps and hardware, Comes with a set of awning brackets. Located in MS but can...
  5. JTU

    416 gets a lid and more

    Earlier this year I went on a trip to New Mexico for 5 days and at that time I was camping in an Oz-tent ground tent. Good level ground in the NM mountains is hard to come by sometimes. Half our group had trailers and everyone had Roof tents. After about the third night I was starting to get...
  6. JTU

    For Sale  Oz-Tent RV-3

    Selling my 2 year old Oz-Tent RV-3 Great condition, has about 40 nights on it. Always dried and cleaned after each trip. $600, located in Cleveland, MS. Would be willing to help with delivery depending on location. Pictures coming soon.
  7. JTU

    Builds  Growing the Family: 1985 FJ60 Refresh and build

    I started last week with no plans to buy a vehicle. Midway through I see an ad for a clean looking 60 series and it got me thinking; I have a 40 series, I have a 80 series so it only make sense that I need a 60 in the garage now. I run the classified ad by a friend and he says I should go...
  8. JTU

    For Sale  33x12.5r15 Goodyear MT/R tires and wheels - Like New

    For Sale: - Mounted, balanced and ready to bolt on (5) Goodyear MT/R Kevlar tires - 33x12.5r15 - 99% tread (5) American Racing Bullet Hole wheels - Polished - 6x5.5" Pattern (Toyota and Chevrolet) Tires and wheels are 2 years old, only mounted on a vehicle as it was being restored. Has about...
  9. JTU

    MS -> Colorado weekend trip

    Hey guys, I'll be coming into Colorado this weekend and planning on exploring the Alpine loop and Ouray and Silverton areas. Is anybody going to be in the area that might want to meet up and do the loop together?
  10. JTU

    East TN camping

    Hey Guys, Labor Day weekend is coming up and I am planning on making my way over to Eastern TN and Western NC. I will be coming from MS and Chattanooga will be my first TN city. I am looking for some camping around Cleveland, TN and/or Tellico that's free, vehicle accessible and is off the...
  11. JTU

    West NC trails and camping

    Hey guys, I'm trying to gain some knowledge of the area of western NC for an upcoming labor day weekend trip. I'm coming from MS where most of my time is with Cottonland Cruisers. I don't have any set destinations yet but I would like to stay in the Bryson City or looking glass, possibly...
  12. JTU

    Going price for a TRD Pro 4runner

    So I am now in the market for another vehicle. As I am traveling more but hauling company trailers less I want something a little more comfortable and better in the cities than my Ram 2500. I have looked at a many SUVs but most of them look like I would be taking my kids to soccer practice...
  13. JTU

    Should I repaint my 80?

    So the paint on my 80 is starting to show its age after 20 years. It has pinstriping headlight to taillight and e black paint just highlights the flaws. I picked a a nice dent on the passenger side rear door this weekend from a hidden tree branch so now I'm thinking it's time for a repaint.
  14. JTU

    Chainsaw carrier

    How many of y'all carry a chainsaw somewhere in or on your vehicle while camping/overlanding/scouting etc? I picked up a new saw a few weeks ago and got to looking at vehicle mounted carries and realized that there aren't many options out there and the options that are out there leave a lot...
  15. JTU

    MS National Forest

    Which National forest(s) offers the best trail exploring opportunities in Mississippi? Spent a good portion of today riding through and around Delta NF but it was mostly flooded with only a few main access roads open that I found.
  16. JTU

    Is this the PHH??

    ive been searching and searching for a good picture of where the PHH is located. Is this the PHH?
  17. JTU

    New 80 series owner in MS

    Thanks to Govt Mule I am the proud new owner of his '97 LX450. He already completed a lot of the work and modifications I had planned on. I'm sure y'all are familiar with this rig but here are the specs anyway. '97 LX450 197k mile Triple Locked 315 MT tires OME 850 front coils/863 rear coils...
  18. JTU

    Looking for 80 series in MS

    I've been in the hunt for a good 80 series (preferably with lockers) around MS. I know there's some around here but haven't been found yet. Anybody know where a clean 80 series may be for sale? I am located in Cleveland in the Delta.
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