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  1. WesternMT1

    For Sale Montana: 1977 FJ40 *SOLD*

    Sold locally, thanks for the interest!
  2. VIN door

    VIN door

  3. VIN frame

    VIN frame

  4. Front Cutter

    Front Cutter

  5. Passenger Gutter

    Passenger Gutter

  6. Rear Gutter

    Rear Gutter

  7. Driver Gutter

    Driver Gutter

  8. WesternMT1

    For Sale Montana: 1977 FJ40 *SOLD*

    At some interested folks's request, more images of floorboards and underside here:
  9. Passenger Wheel

    Passenger Wheel

  10. 77 FJ40

    77 FJ40

    77 FJ 40 For Sale
  11. Driver Underside

    Driver Underside

  12. Rear Underside

    Rear Underside

  13. Drivers Wheel

    Drivers Wheel

  14. Passenger Underside

    Passenger Underside

  15. Passenger Floorboard

    Passenger Floorboard

  16. Driver Floorboard

    Driver Floorboard

  17. WesternMT1

    For Sale Montana: 1977 FJ40 *SOLD*

    Think I got you back via email, but lemme know if not!
  18. WesternMT1

    For Sale  Montana: 1977 FJ40 *SOLD*

    Strong runner with plenty of opportunity for restoration or to run mostly as-is. Located in Missoula, Montana. Pics and details here: 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 - Price drop!
  19. WesternMT1

    For Sale Scratch and Dent Sale: Pre1978 FJ40 Rear Tub

    Stumbled on this today. Any chance any more of those scratch and dents ever materialized? Thanks!
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