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  1. NetJunky

    For Sale  HJ60 diesel tach

  2. NetJunky

    Cracked headers?

    Anybody else have issues with their headers cracking? My passenger side EGR flange cracked off. Debating if I should go full aftermarket or stick with another OE header. got error codes P0171/P0174.
  3. NetJunky

    For Sale  LX570, 200 series upgrade parts

    1. Unichip ECu for the LX570, tundra, 200 series land cruiser, and sequoia with 5.7. Programmed for headers, intake and exhaust. Can be reprogrammed with the cable from Unichip and a laptop. Looking to get $400. Complete with harness, zip ties, etc. 2. TRD Intake for the LX570, Tundra, or 200...
  4. NetJunky

    For Sale  80 series part time transfer case

    I have a part time transfer case from my 80 series. came off a 5spd H150. Located in Pasadena, CA This is not a US transfer case converted. It's the real deal 2H, 4H, 4L transfer case. $650 and you pick up.
  5. NetJunky

    Can we have a 200 series for sale thread?

    Like the title states. Main reason is stuff I have doesn't really mix well with all the 80 series stuff and what not in the main classifieds. For example: I have a Unichip for the lx570 and 200 series land cruiser available. Needs to be reprogrammed for your mods. also have TRD intake...
  6. NetJunky

    Glove box doesn't want to stay closed

    So with the recent cold weather or just age, the glove box stopped closing. It's the little tabs that push outwards but they feel like they are catching on something. Wanted to know if the glove box can be torn apart and repaired or is it a replacement item only? Looks like the door doesn't...
  7. NetJunky

    Low offset tires and wheels - where did you trim/modify

    Just looking to see if anybody has pictures of where you cut/trim or modified to make everything fit. I have the Tundra TRD Pro wheels and 285/65/18 with a 1.5" spacer. I rub at full lock both left and right. Like to know what others have done to accommodate this? I'd like to do some mods to...
  8. NetJunky

    Rig Safety

    As some of you guys have known, I picked up a 200 series just a little while ago. I have found that the 200 doesn't really have a lot of storage space, or cubbies like most other vehicles. Been wanting to throw a few safety items in the vehicle and was looking to see if anybody has good...
  9. NetJunky

    tailgate lighting

    Read some of the builds and wanted to put a thread together to find out lighting options for the tailgate area. Something mounted to the top hinged tailgate that would turn on when the tailgate is open. Looking at what people have done and which LED light used. Curious because it can get pretty...
  10. NetJunky

    For Sale  2013 LC200 Headlights

    keeping them.
  11. NetJunky

    Builds  NetJunky's 200 series build

    Found out I needed a bigger vehicle to haul the family and the DEZL TOY (80 series manual diesel) just didn't cut it so I began my search of a 200 series. Told a friend and found out that he knew somebody selling one. It was a 2009 Silver 200 series with 135k miles and was in good condition...
  12. NetJunky

    URJ200 - Cell phone mount or mounting location?

    Just purchased my 09 LC Everything is great except a few minor!!! Can't find a place to mount my cell phone. I usually use the Ottie mount and I don't know where to put it. I hate windshield mounts as it can obstruct the view but wanted to know if anybody has any other bright...
  13. NetJunky

    For Sale  1HDT 80 series w/5spd and lockers

    Reposting as it's a registered diesel in California. For Sale: - 91 Toyota Land Cruiser - Cali Diesel registered
  14. NetJunky

    For Sale  80 Series suspension parts

  15. NetJunky

    For Sale  16x8 0offset Volk TE37X - 5pc set

    Near brand new 5 piece set of matching bronze wheels These are the Volk TE37X in 16x8 0 offset (80 series wheel size) 6 lug and will include the lugs and locks (kics) This setup will run over $3k without the lugs. Will take $2600 for the 5 wheels and the lugs. Shipping is extra
  16. NetJunky

    For Sale  Grey 2nd row sets for FZJ80

    free to whoever wants to pick up. Will not ship. located in pasadena.
  17. NetJunky

    For Sale  Metaltech Caster correction Brackets

    Used Caster correction brackets for 80 series. Due to my steering mod (larger steering arms) the brackets don't work for me. Willing to trade for the 3" Man-a-fre caster correction bracket. Located in Pasadena, CA
  18. NetJunky

    For Sale  OME shocks

    these are used OME shocks off my FJ80. these will fit any 80 series with a 0-2.5" lift. They are the basic OME shocks and not the longs. unknown duration of use, but they don't show signs of leaking. I'm going to Kings so I'm selling these. $200 picked up or + shipping/packaging Pics are...
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