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  1. Tooth Fairy

    Won’t Stay in First Gear

    When shifting manually my 80 seems to not care that I’ve put it into first/L gear with the transmission shifter. (I am not having a problem with my xfer H&L) When driving in D it behaves completely normal. Problems: 1. Taking off with shift selector in L it drives in 1st just fine until it...
  2. Tooth Fairy

    I Need a Garage in Carbondale, Colorado

    I just need to borrow a space to do a front axle service myself. It could even be outside, I do not care, I just need somewhere to work on it. I moved here two weeks ago and my inner axle seal blew today. I also wouldn’t mind getting to know some others that go wheelin in the area. Thanks, Butch
  3. Tooth Fairy

    FREE  '93 80 tranny/xfer $free

    1993 80 trannny and transfer with 150,xxx miles. Free to good home but I can't ship it. It's in Tyler, Texas Butch
  4. Tooth Fairy

    For Sale  2013 MINI Cooper John Cooper Works in Texas

    Custom ordered John Cooper Works with Recaro seats, 6 speed manual transmission, Brembo brakes, sun roof, HID lights, Harmon Kardon sound system.This is not just the JCW body kit, this is the actual JCW tuned model with 208hp, upgraded clutch and transmission, upgraded suspension, etc. all from...
  5. Tooth Fairy

    Tyler Texas 80 Sighting

    So my life just saw a big white 80 here in Tyler Texas and she thought it was me at first so I know there's another 80 here in town (turns out it wasn't me). Anyone? Anyone? We just moved to Tyler Texas BTW. Butch
  6. Tooth Fairy

    Old 'Mud Member/ New to Tyler

    So, do any other mud members live here or somewhere Texas sized close? I was able to bring my '93 80 and my son's '97 LX450 but I had to leave my 40 on my Colorado mountain property. We just had too many dang vehicles to get here and I don't have room or time for it yet. I relocated my...
  7. Tooth Fairy

    Real Time/ Emergency Help Needed- Busted Knuckle in Colorado/ Spring Creek Trail

    I do periodically check the torque on my steering arm bolts ( I've heard the horror stories) I just apparently don't check them enough! Here I sit at the end of the rock garden on Spring Creek with one severely pigeon toed land cruiser. Four holes on the bottom of the knuckle; two studs are...
  8. Tooth Fairy

    For Sale  1976 FJ55

    1976 FJ55 (I accidentally listed this previously as a 1972. :doh: ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asking $8500 New lower price too!. Vehicle is basically stock excepting what you can see in the pics. It's in Hawaii. So shipping to...
  9. Tooth Fairy

    For Sale  1972 FJ55

    1976 FJ55 Asking $8500. New price! Vehicle is basically stock excepting what you can see in the pics excepting the winch bumper and 8000# Warn winch. It was recently reupholstered and the motor was rebuilt about 30k ago. It runs great and the fourwheel drive works too. It's in Hawaii...
  10. Tooth Fairy

    1984 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 for sale

    Hey guys My friend is selling his 1984 FJ60 and I told him I thought we might be able to find it a good home on 'MUD. Here it is. His words, (NEW PRICE)Up for sale is this 1984 FJ60. Red with a Brown interior. Complete detail and window tint in the last month. 207k miles. Standard rust...
  11. Tooth Fairy

    40 Build-up Questions

    I'm getting my 40 back in the next few months and the wrenching will start. I've got some questions on what has worked for you guys so I know what works and what doesn't. Yes I have read many of the build up threads, I just wanted some opinions w/o having to reread them all. I plan on running a...
  12. Tooth Fairy

    34x10.50r16 Super Swamper LTB (5 of'em)

    I thought I could get away with these on my wife's daily driver. Nope. Anyway they've only got around 2000 miles on them excepting the spare which has none. I can get some pics if anyone wants. First $500 takes'em. Butch
  13. Tooth Fairy

    Water and Oil-Rebuild or Replace

    Rebuild or Replace My 80-Water and Oil Don't Mix 1. '93 80. 2. 298,xxx 3. Coolant in the oil. 4. Oil in the coolant. 5. No overheating issues at all. 6. No coolant consumption. 7. No water in the exhaust (no white smoke). 8. High oil pressure. Gimme some opinions guys. I do know that...
  14. Tooth Fairy

    80 vs. Tree

    I was running a real mild trail yesterday because we went by ourselves and I didn't want to break anything. Just on the forest road getting to the trail I backed out of the way of an oncoming truck in a narrow section of the road and ran right into a fricken tree! I was too busy watching my side...
  15. Tooth Fairy


    I can't figger out what that means. Help? Butch :o
  16. Tooth Fairy

    Rear Brake Line in CO ASAP!

    Hey guys I just found a busted right rear brake line, the one that goes from wheel cylinder to wheel cylinder on my '77 40. I'd like to see if I can get one tonight. If not then tommorrow would work. I'm out in Aurora, but, I get around. Thanks, Butch
  17. Tooth Fairy

    El Diente de Colorado! I'm here in CO!

    Tooth Fairy es esta in las Colorado! How's that for some fricken spanglish eh? I've been here for just over two weeks now and I haven't had any time to check in. Been really busy with fire dept. stuff with all the testing and interviews and all not to mention getting a job to support my...
  18. Tooth Fairy

    Driveshaft shop in Denver metro. Which one is best?

    Hey guys I'm here now and my 80 isn't doin' so good. Sumthin' happened while I was away for two months and I've got bad vibrations from the rear shaft. More than likely it's owner inflicted from a while ago and reared it's ugly head now. So with all my fire fighter testing and interviews and...
  19. Tooth Fairy

    Fricken Hilarious!

    Hey if this is a repost sorry, but, I was ROTFLMAO!! :D Seriously funnay video
  20. Tooth Fairy

    Dangerous Brake Problems

    I don't know what's causing this, but, I drove her 80 t'day and it scared the crap out of me. What I've noticed; Seemingly random loss of pedal pressure. Sometimes it will stop fine and other times I have no brakes. ABS activates and I have no stopping at all. Maintains pedal pressure...
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