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  1. g-man

    Part identification help plzzzz

    Onur is highly respected in the LC community and on the forum. His advise is solid. When he said "just friendly" he meant it. There was no sarcasm here. No, it doesn't matter if you want to open a bunch of different threads but for your own sake you may be able to come back to something...
  2. g-man

    SEARS Biting The Dust

    Just went to Lowe's with a kobalt screwdriver to replace. Without a receipt they replaced it by tearing into a screwdriver set. One thing I did notice is that they seem to have a much smaller inventory of Kobalt hand tools. Looks like they will not be making Kobalt hand tools any more. If...
  3. g-man

    HF the good, the bad and the ugly. Post up your experience

    I also picked up a set of the Pittsburgh 1/2 drive deep well impacts sockets for 20.00. Haven't broke any yet after a couple years. Mostly used for lug nuts.
  4. g-man

    SEARS Biting The Dust

    The Craftsman website says "A STOCKING RETAIL PARTNER" will replace any tool with with a # starting with CMMT or older model starting with a 9 NO PROOF OF PURCHASE NECESSARY. This in not a discussion about Craftsman quality I just want to know if I can take a broken tool back no questions...
  5. g-man

    SEARS Biting The Dust

    Recently while visiting my local Ace hardware I asked if I could return a Craftsman tool. The clerks immediate response seemed defensive. "Did you buy it here?" I replied ..."no, I'm just asking a 'what if' question." "Well if you bought it here and have a receipt" is what he said next...
  6. g-man

    HF the good, the bad and the ugly. Post up your experience

    i bought some of the small red magnets and agree they are very weak. Now trying some of the larger and more powerful yellow Berger magnets I hope they do better
  7. g-man

    Xfer rebuild pocket bearing removal tool?

    Dremel tool. Cut the old bearing and pulled it out with needle nose pliers. Not the best plan but it worked.
  8. g-man

    HF the good, the bad and the ugly. Post up your experience

    Glad to see this thread is staying alive and that members are posting up their experiences with items from HF. I did check out some YT videos. May have to go back and look for the "F" style welding clamp. Looks like it would work well for olding metal patches and spanning across my 60 frame.
  9. g-man

    Cheap 2m antenna for the cruiser?

    I bought a Tram 1185 2 meter antenna from Amazon. Less than 25.00 has held up for 2 years and I don't see any problems with it. magnetic base and it stays on my ARB bumper in plane with the hood. Cheap until you want something better. Can flex with trees or brush, Can easily be removed.
  10. g-man

    New FJ60 owner with a question about wheel/tires

    jack and support positions:
  11. g-man

    HF the good, the bad and the ugly. Post up your experience

    HF just came to town near me. I was and still am somewhat excited. Their U.S. General tool boxes have good reviews and for prices less than other big box stores looks like you get a no frills somewhat commercial grade box. Last week I went in armed with my 50.00 off coupon and picked up a 44"...
  12. g-man

    Backing plate delete brake hose help,

    not only will zip-tying it in a loop keep it from hitting. But you'll be glad you left a longish hose on there whenever you need to remove the caliper for any reason. You will have room to move it around and hang it from the shock tower. I like these reusable wire twist ties to hang the...
  13. g-man

    How to dispose of a full tank of gas

    Buy a clear shaker siphon hose like this: Get a small 1 to 5 gallon poly fuel container Fill the container and watch for discoloration. Try and hold the hose off the bottom of the tank. When you fill the container pour the gas in the container into a large mason jar. Let the water settle...
  14. g-man

    Backing plate delete brake hose help,

    zip-tie the hose in a loop to keep it from hitting
  15. g-man

    First attempt at minor body work. Any advice appreciated.

    Single stage is fine. Prob less expensive. A pint will cover that easy. And for primer you can get away with a decent spray can from your automotive paint dealer. If that's freeborn red ..a stock color, the color code should be on the vin tag (on the firewall?) and the paint dealer can use...
  16. g-man

    First attempt at minor body work. Any advice appreciated.

    grind the paint off around the holes, weld in new discs and fill the holes. Agreed .023 and small spots working around then back in between the spot welds with more. Then skim it with filler/hardener and a squeegee. D/A it with 80, 120 etc to get the big stuff down, then dry sand with hand...
  17. g-man

    14mm 6 point long handle box wrench

    I know I'm late to the party here, but I have used a serpentine belt wrench ...basically a long flat bar with a 3/8 head on it for reaching down into an engine comp. That along with the appropriate 6 point socket.
  18. g-man

    "Knocking" from rear of vehicle....

    Hint: U bolt = axle bolt
  19. g-man

    Williams Tool Chests

    took the plunge on a new HF U.S. General 44" box today. $499 but 50.00 off for the coupon. 22 inches deep, heavy duty casters mounted on some solid steel on the bottom of the box. The drawers extend completely out compared to my old Kobalt which annoyingly kept the drawers about 3 inches...
  20. g-man

    Smell coming from my engine.....

    I believe @NeverGiveUpYota discovered her cam bearings were spun when she detected a burned oil smell coming from the engine.
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