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    Custom SS exhaust for the 80 series

    pd 2000.00 drove 600 miles to have it installed in under 2yrs have had 11 separate issues, SS pipe shattering like glass (in Ouray) blown out header gasket 2 months after install. all gaskets smoked. now this. Anyone know of a exhaust guy, that will make it for real?? trucks sounds like S*&^...
  2. RFB

    Any clue what the part number is on this

    And we’re I can get one I’m prepping truck for road and just sheared nut off belt tensioner I need a new tensioner but can’t for the lie life of me find it and my 1 FZ is supercharged
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    What’s the actual name

    Got my boost gauge wired was setting up for transmission temp gauge because I had the magic Yota fitting prob is the top is wrong size not union the tubing end. What is it I’m looking for
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    walkaround video of Lumpskies Turb Dielse 80

    made it in a short time frame, and Lumpskie is a loud
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    SOLD  superior engineering SUPERFLEX arms 4-6in lift

    Selling these for 500. you pay ride. I would install new OEM bushings BUT they have new bushings in now, installed by LC in colorado springs. not looking for trades
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    SOLD  NEW IN PACKAGING 1FZE OEM Engine wiring harness and 2 NEW knock sensors NEW 575.00 shipped

    I bought 2 of these new in OEM packaging with 2 knock sensors( as they will likely break in harness swap) this is brand new, not pulled form another truck. 575.00 for harness and 2 new in package knock sensors shipped CONUS text me ONLY is serious please. Richie 508-718-8253
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    Didnt make a build thread yet, so this will have to do.

    And I still missed a lot of stuff.
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    Real deal front front and side protection made in the Ozarks.

    And its on one of a set of twin lexus 450s.
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    Strange noise front front passenger wheel.

    Got home after 15 days on road, Trucks been sitting in driveway for 2 days, took her out this morning and have a strange sound coming from what sounds like front passenger wheel. Sounded like loose wheel or shock. After getting her straight home took apart front front hub expecting to see...
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    Ive been testing a 200 watt foldable offgrid trek solar panle and it blows away my merlin panel and is putting out 23.8% effieciency all in mil spec package. Video review is coming. This is the gear right here, but this is not the review.
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    For Sale  Corbeau seats black leather sports

    I’m going to be rolling south to Virginia Friday to trend the blue ridge overland gear swap meet I’ll be bringing a set of Corbeau leather sport seats 450.00 and a new in box drop in direct replacement 270amp alternator for the 80 series made in America with all denso parts 450.00 as well as a...
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    Wanted  Looking for a new Transfer case case wiring harness

    Anyone have any leads( no pun) finished up my TC swap but lost a sensor plug in the process in a bad spot to boot. So Id like to find a new one like I did with OEM engine bay harness. But having very little luck on the search end of things.
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    Ive owned several RTTs and have reviewed several more. for those looking to pony up and spend. you may want to see this first.
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    potts Mtn week of Nov. 19th-21st then to Uwharrie

    Heading down to potts mtn monday to make a video anyone thats up for it, with a solid rig and skills that wants to be in a video like this: let me know 508-718-8253 text only please Richie Ill be staying in woods in truck the entire time so camping is a def thing.
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    Q&A with Ronny Dahl

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    SOLD  morel virtus nano 602 NIB

    Got these in a trade, not my thing really polk do fine in my AIRPLANE loud rig. so 400.00 takes them you pay Ship. comes with speakers,tweeters and crossovers. all new.
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    Anyone know onow the OD of this ball?

    I lost the ball that goes under the spring that’s under the actuator motor don’t have a bore micrometer so I need a part number or some such. Typical first thing in the AM STUFF
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    Transfer case rebuild

    Amazing how many different bearings and how stout they are rebuilt this TC with a marks adaptor part time 4wd in it and a marlin crawler reduction gear and then went and totally redid all bearing races and seals ready to go in now. Never did this before and it went pretty well
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    Was reinstalling my red winch and noticed this cracking. PO cut inner fenderwell for 4x4labs bumper. And this has happened inside fenderwell. But now Im seeing it behind headlight. from what i can see, its a piece that can be replaced. School me fellas.
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    SOLD  Nitro Cro Mo Axles 3 mo old ALL RECEIPTS INCLUDED

    these have 1000 miles on them fronts are perfect, gun drilled, STILL HAVE FACTORY GREASE IN THEM AND FACTORY GREASE ZERKS. rears are available too, but long side is twisted [but Ill provide paperwork so nitro will replace for free) 500 for front birfields and axles you pay ship 750 for fr/rear...
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