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  1. doughboy

    MUDShip  Denver to San Antonio and back

    I'll be driving my 81 from Denver to San Antonio June 1st or so. If you have something that'll fit in the back, I'll be glad to get it to where it needs to go. I'll also be driving back to Denver about a week later. I can go through Dallas if need be, but that isn't the current plan. Thanks...
  2. doughboy

    MUDShip  Denver, CO to Orange County

    I will be going from Denver to Orange county, California December 27th and will be returning sometime around the 5th of January. I will be in my HDJ81 and should have plenty of room for stuff. I'll only have my ARB fridge in the back and a small suit case. If you need something to go that way...
  3. doughboy

    MUDShip  San Antonio to Denver Aug 31

    Hey everyone, I'm leaving San Antonio Friday morning and driving to Denver. I'll be in my empty 80. If you have something that needs to go that way and it'll fit in the back of an 80. I'll be glad to take it. Angelo
  4. doughboy

    FREE  80 Series side steps in CO

    I have a pair of OEM side steps that came off my HDJ81. The left hand side looks really good, the right hand side had a minor dent. No idea if they'll bolt onto an FZJ80, I don't see why they wouldn't, but I honestly have no clue. Angelo
  5. doughboy

    Best Water shoe or sandal

    Hello, Whats the best water show. I'll mostly be using them for when I go to the river or walking on rocky beaches. My wife has Vibrams, and loves those. I can't seem to get over the toe slots things. She also has the Chacos, and loves those for the river. I keep leaning towards Keen's Arroyo...
  6. doughboy

    For Sale  16" 80 series wheels.

    I have five 80 series wheels that I need gone. They're in pretty rough shape. They have rock rash and have been spray painted a few times, and plasti-dipped once (horrible idea). So, naturally the plasti-dip is peeling. Don't think I'd get much for them. Don't really want to ship them, but I...
  7. doughboy

    80 series rear DS

    I was wondering if you have a any good rear DS for an 80 series? It is a '93 80 but I'm running an A343 tranny out of a '95. Thanks, Angelo
  8. doughboy

    80 Brown Carpet and other things

    My 80 is going to be going through some changes in the next few months. I have the carpet, all the OEM floor mats. the driverside floormat has the most wear. I also have the cargo area trim pieces. The headlinger and 2nd row seats are already spoken for, but if you need any of the above items...
  9. doughboy

    MUDShip  San Antonio to Denver and back

    I"ll be driving from San Antonio 16 or 17 October to Denver, and returning 01 November. I'll be driving my FR-S, If you have something small that could fit in a FR-S let me know. I'm not planning on going through Dallas, but I could if need be. Thanks, Angelo
  10. doughboy


    Does anyone have a press? I need my bushings pressed out of my old control arms and into my new ones. If anyone knows anyone with one or a shop that will do it for a small fee, that'd be great! Thanks, Angelo
  11. doughboy

    Wanted  Rear lower control arms 80 series

    Hello all, I am in need of both lower control arms for a FZJ-80. I am located in San Antonio, TX. Thanks, Angelo
  12. doughboy

    Half doors

    I managed to get a set of front doors for the 80 for cheap and decided to cut them up for half doors. It took about 30 minutes, if even, to gut the doors out. Cut the inside panel out then when to town on the outside. Used a jigsaw to cut them. They ended up being more like 1/8 doors. I guess I...
  13. doughboy

    For Sale  80 Front door glass

    Front door glass out of a 1992 80. Just the glass. Location is Fort Leonard Wood, MO. $30 for one or $50 for the two OBO Angelo
  14. doughboy


    Well, I will be coming down with orders to go to Korea. My ERB says 0065MDREPL INBOUND under ORGANIZATION. From my understandings this just means I'll report to Yongsan and they'll put me wherever they need a 68P10. Anyways, my report date is 31DEC2012. I should be there for a year or so...
  15. doughboy

    MO-CO-MO September

    I'm going to be driving my 80 to Denver, CO on 19SEP2012 from Fort Leonard Wood, MO. I will also be driving back to Fort Leonard Wood, MO on the first or second of Octover. If you have need something headed in either direction let me know. Be glad to help. I'll be taking a bunch of state...
  16. doughboy

    No brake lights/can't shift from park.

    Alright while wheeling I was gong up an obstacle and couldn't make it up. I backed down and ended up plowing the ground with my trailer hitch. While doing this I tore out the plug in for the trailer lights. I didn't know this till the next day when my 80 was dead. Noticed I blew a few fuses...
  17. doughboy

    Wanted  1995-1997 Driveshaft and Drive side seat belt

    I need a REAR Driveshaft from a 1995-1997 80 series. I also need a the Drivers Seat belt for a 1993 80 series. I would prefer tan, but I'll take any color. My zip is 65473. Thanks, Angelo
  18. doughboy

    Washita Feb 26

    There is a group going to Washita for a day trip on the 28 of February. I know its a bit of a drive for most of you, but just in case. We are going to meet up around 0900. Angelo
  19. doughboy

    MO-CO-TX Back to MO in FEB

    I will be going from Fort Leonard Wood, MO to Denver, Colorado 05 FEB 2012. Then Denver to Fort Hood, TX on 19 FEB 2012, and Finally Fort Hood back to Fort Leonard Wood 24 or 25 FEB 2012. I will be driving my 80 and should have plenty of room for whatever. So far I am the only person going...
  20. doughboy

    Wanted  1991-1994 80 DS Headlight

    I need a DS head light for my 1993 80. I could also use an 80 DS seat belt too!
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