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  1. BROMO95

    320-80-16 Pro Comp Xterrain

    Found a deal I can't resist for set of 325-80-16 Pro Comp. Replace the Alcoa 10X16 rims that came with it cause it rub my rear front fender. Replace it with factory 80 wheels that i got from Casey. Viola :bounce: it fits like a gloves with no rubbing.:clap:
  2. BROMO95

    Warn M10000d1

    Buddy of mine offer me good used warn M10000 with new selenoid box for $250. I was wondering if anybody have experience with that type of winch? Is it gonna give me headache maintenance wise, since it discontinued by warn? Any insight would be greatly appreciated:cheers:
  3. BROMO95

    Official Intro Of Bromo95

    Greetings everybody, first and foremost I would like to thanks all of mud members for making novice 80 owner like me become competent owner:cheers:. I have been lurking this forum for the past 2 years so please be gentle with me since this is my first thread in this forum:flipoff2: . I...
  4. BROMO95

    M101 US ARMY Trailer tire

    Greeting everyone, i have question to all of you trailer guru. I just bought M101 trailer and planning on replacing my old 9.00-16 military tires because it is dry rotted and has two nails on both tires. My question is, is it possible/safe to mount regular street tires instead of military tire...
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