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  1. scrapdaddy

    Going Dark

    Hey Guys, Our computer is taking a dive, so I'll be back in a couple weeks or until it's fixed at the least. Merry Christmas to everybody, I'll miss you all.
  2. scrapdaddy

    For Sale  1971 on Bring A Trailer

    Not mine.....
  3. scrapdaddy

    For Sale  Bring a Trailer

    Not mine.....
  4. scrapdaddy

    For Sale  Mo. Free Stuff! UPDATE---ALL GONE

    Parts from the extra wagon that I'm not going to use. First up, front and back rubber mats that the PO glued carpet to. I pulled the carpet off, but the backing is still stuck on. If someone wants to work at it maybe it would come off. If not I can send the carpet along to put back on...
  5. scrapdaddy

    Inner Door Latch Mechanism

    Hey Guys, I need help remembering who posted their fix of a worn out door latch. I just cut one off to fix and would like to see your's again. This seems to be an easy fix for a bad problem.
  6. scrapdaddy

    For Sale  72 on Bring a Trailer

    Hey Guys, Looks like a nice one..........1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55
  7. scrapdaddy

    For Sale  76 on Bring a Trailer

    Here's the one for a well healed wallet with only 35,000 miles....1977 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 I really like this one.
  8. scrapdaddy

    For Sale  1976 FJ55 on Hemmings

    Not mine....
  9. scrapdaddy

    For Sale  E-Bay 55 collection

    Holy Moly, do we know this person.....1974 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay
  10. scrapdaddy

    FREE  FJ60 Wheels

    Hey Guys, I have 4 FJ60 wheels, the chrome ones with tires and anyone is welcome to them. They do have some rust. Pick up only, I really don't want to mess with shipping.
  11. scrapdaddy

    Pure Patina

    Thanks Jason, my favorite farm hat...
  12. scrapdaddy

    Let's talk about Hydroboost Brakes

    I need a new project and hydroboost brakes sounds like a good idea. I know J Mack and Megadoomer are running them, so maybe they will tell me again what make hydro they're using. Wish I would of written it down the first time. I'd like to upgrade the brake power to all 4 disc and would like to...
  13. scrapdaddy

    We've been hacked!

  14. scrapdaddy

    Man looking for a mechanic

    Anybody know someone who works on cruisers, man needs help...Any recommendations for a cruiser mechanic in St Louis
  15. scrapdaddy

    First fawn of the season

    This one thought our burn pit was a good place for a nap...
  16. scrapdaddy

    55 on Bring a Trailer

    What do you think? I'm thinking the owner knows enough about pig rust to sell before it's out of hand. V8-Powered 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55
  17. scrapdaddy

    TJM Locker

    Hey Hardcorers, Anybody have an opinion on the TJM air locker? I'm thinking of getting rid of my rear ARB and go to something else. Thanks,
  18. scrapdaddy

    FJ40 on Bring A Trailer....Need to follow this one

    Hey Peoples, This is the one for all you purists in the crowd, truly something....5K-Mile 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
  19. scrapdaddy

    M101A2 & A3 Camping Trailer

    Hey Guys, Thought I'd start a build thread on my camping trailer. This one is a M101A2 body on a A3 axle. Government did that sort of thing, mix and match. Since my son stole the surge brake off of it for a replacement for the one he wrecked on a low water bridge, I thought it would be a good...
  20. scrapdaddy

    Power Steering Box Difference

    Hey Guys, question on the 60 boxes. I have a 60 box of unknown year, thinking of going to an 80 box. How do I check for compatibility with the 80 box mounting holes before buying an 80 box. I've boxed and sleeved my 55 frame already for the 60 box and don't want to redo it. I know the mounting...
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