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  1. ClassyJalopy

    Wanted  Right Front ABS Speed sensor

    As the title says - I am in need of a speed sensor for my right front. Mine is 1998 LX470 but I think this part is the same for all 100 series.
  2. ClassyJalopy

    100 Series Right Front Steering Knuckle and Hub

    I am looking for right front steering knuckle (with spindle) and the hub (where the bearing go into). Shipped to Madison WI 53719.
  3. ClassyJalopy

    A Harrowing Tale of Incompetence - How I destroyed a steering knuckle

    This is a tale of one mechanics incompetence causing almost $3000 worth of damage! A couple of weeks ago while chasing a drivetrain vibration, I had someone repack and re-tighten the front bearings. They apparently torqued the bearings nut too tight and also expanded the the c-clip that holds...
  4. ClassyJalopy

    Impromptu Badlands Visits

    Someone suggested posting it here instead of Windy City. I am planning to come out to the Badlands Offroad park in NE IN this weekend (1/18 and 1/19). Unless we get dumped on by a winter storm. In which case I would want to come out next weekend (1/25 and 1/26). I will be solo (if you can call...
  5. ClassyJalopy

    About Badlands Off road

    Hello windy city folks! I am curious about badlands offroad park in winter. Is it beginner friendly on a stockish 100? I will be solo since I don't have friends. I only have a rear locker, 33 in KO2s, a winch and rock sliders. Oh also a penchant for bashing up body panels! Is it reasonable to...
  6. ClassyJalopy

    Blower Motor Inop - Broken plug?

    I have been chasing a cold draft in passenger footwell for months now. In an attempt to seal up the areas behind the blower unit, I ended up disconnecting a whole bunch of stuff (ECU, transmission relay, blower relay etc). Once I thoroughly failed at removing the blower unit, I have buttoned...
  7. ClassyJalopy

    For Sale  WI: LC100/LX470: Front Upper Control Arms: Toyota OEM. FREE SHIPPING

    Up for sale Toyota OEM Front Upper Control Arms in excellent condition. They were taken off a truck with about 80k miles on them (that's what I was told but I have no way to verify that!). Ball joints are nice and firm and hard to move by just your hand. The bushings are all in good shape (see...
  8. ClassyJalopy

    SOLD  WI: 100 series TJM Hidden Winch Mount Plate - FREE SHIPPING $150

    PRICE $150 - free shipping I am selling my TJM hidden winch mount (works with the factory bumper!!) - Model 957MTT1781ZDS. It is also required if you want to run winch with a TJM T3 bumper. This was used for a few months with a SmittyBilt XRC 9500lbs winch. I know it also fits a WARN winch...
  9. ClassyJalopy

    Aftermarket Rear Wheel Sensor 89545-60030

    My right rear speed sensor is screwed. The replacement OEM part is $200+ Is there any reasonably priced aftermarket option? Compared to other cars I have owned (including BMW) this is extraordinarily expensive.
  10. ClassyJalopy

    Wanted  Madison WI: Land Cruiser 100 series rear sway bar

    I am looking for rear sway bar from a 1998 - 2007 Land Cruiser. Not looking for LX ones since those are of slightly lower rating (plus I already have one :P) I am in Madison WI but might be willing to travel a little too. Surface rust doesn't bother me. Name your price.
  11. ClassyJalopy

    Cold Between the Seats

    I am apparently incapable of searching so here goes my issue: All during the summer we felt a lot of heat emanating from almost exactly where the cup holders are in the center console. Now that the weather has turned and we are "enjoying" temps in teens the same area in the center console gets...
  12. ClassyJalopy

    HELP! I am about to get screwed!

    My truck is in the body shop to get the windshield pulled off and the metal edges prepped before a new one gets put in. There is some paint bubbling on the top driver's side corner hence the plan to have the body shop get it all taken care of before the new windshield goes in. Now, I just spoke...
  13. ClassyJalopy

    FREE  Madison: 99 LX470 rear axle with FSD - 256k miles

    Posting here in case anyone has any use for it. Came off my 99 LX470 with about 256,000 miles. 4.3 ratio Pros: No leaks, grinding or seeps Comes with 4.3 factory FSD (although how much the limited slip function still works is not known) Cons: It has some surface rust, although a lot of what...
  14. ClassyJalopy

    Loose Grease Cap

    The left wheel hub grease cap is loose on my truck for some reason. I installed brand new OEM hub flanges and grease caps a couple of months ago and this last weekend when my caliper bolts got loose, the cap came off too. I have tried the old caps and the new cap and they all are loose enough...
  15. ClassyJalopy

    RTH needed: front caliper bolt walked out

    Came back from a trip and noticed loud grinding noise from left front. Took the wheel off and caliper is barely on with just one bolt! It also looks like some of the pad clips are also missing. Anyone knows what else I am missing by looking at these pics?
  16. ClassyJalopy

    Should I pull and inspect axles and third member

    I have very recently acquired a rear end for my 98 LX. The donor was a 99 LC with nearly 200k California miles. No rust to speak of and no visible leak issues. I am making the swap to gain a factory rear e-locker on my truck. While I plan to bench test the e-locker, fill the axle with fresh...
  17. ClassyJalopy

    Dobinson Front Bull Bar on LX

    My search-fu is failing me. Has anyone installed the Dobinson bull bar on an LX 470? I know ARB bull bars need to have a few tabs cut off to clear the way for grill to open up with the hood Dobinson folks aren't quite sure if the same is true for their bull bar hence the question to the...
  18. ClassyJalopy

    I need more protection

    Background: I have been taking my truck (98 LX) on some pretty tight off road trails. I find myself following some decently built up jeeps and a fully custom Ford Ranger on 38.5" mud tires! While I sorely miss traction aids (lockers or ATRAC] on some sections and have nowhere near the ground...
  19. ClassyJalopy

    Wanted  100 series left front fender

    I am looking for a left front for 98 - 07 LX 470 or LC 100. Preferably in the beige cashmere metallic color. Shipping will be to Madison WI. Here's my truck's pic for color reference:
  20. ClassyJalopy

    Broken Bolt. Help!

    I am in the middle of timing belt job and have managed to break off the lower alternator bolt. Now I am not sure what's the best way to deal with this. Any suggestions are most welcome. Also, anyone have the part number for the bolt itself?
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