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  1. alia176

    SPC upper control arms for IFS vehicles * good price *

    for those of us who are going up high up front and need a better set of UCAs for increased caster angle:
  2. alia176

    Events/Trails Baja 2020 Invitation

    Which GX? This if the first I've heard of this.
  3. alia176

    Events/Trails Baja 2020 Invitation

    Wait, Juan is retired? Dang, I'm jealous. Where are they living these days? They used to be in Salida but thought they moved.
  4. alia176

    A343 Transgo Reprogram Kit Install - 1995-1997

    Are you normally aspriated?
  5. alia176

    For Sale National Luna 90L fridge freezer twin.

    You guys are killing me :rofl: Friday bump
  6. alia176

    Front End Wobbly - Fluid All Over but Can't Find Source

    I wonder if a "mechanic owned" 80 is similar to the old saying "the shoemaker's children go barefoot"? :hmm:
  7. alia176

    Affordable Overland stuff - tent, awning, etc

    Sub $500 awning from Dobinson's 270deg
  8. alia176

    For Sale @ High Desert Cruisers

    Can anyone use a floor lamp?
  9. alia176

    New Moab law - pack out your waste

    I can't avoid Grand county, unfortunately, as I camp there a lot. I can't be THAT far from Moab diner, you know that! :hillbilly: Speaking of which, Jon, I think we need a quick Moab weekend as I'm going stir crazy. Butler wash?
  10. alia176

    New Moab law - pack out your waste To reduce damage to natural and cultural resources and to provide for public safety, the following ORDINANCE 604 (2019) has been passed. You Must Comply! No person shall dump or otherwise deposit...
  11. alia176

    Get any snow?

    I've never been to that place so I need to check it out. However, the mountains have plenty of snow to last for a while, I'd think.
  12. alia176

    I Need A Timing Belt

    Just get the FSM in pdf and print out the pages then follow it step by step. Toyota FSMs are real nice with lots of good pics. I'm sure one of us can give you warm & fuzzy if needed. My cam seals were dry (no leaks) and it was too much effort to mess with them so I returned them to American...
  13. alia176

    I Need A Timing Belt

    This job is not too difficult, figure on eight hours for the first timer. A complete Aisin timing kit from Amazon has everything you need. Do a search on for more info and tips. I didn't buy anything from the local dealer as this kit has everything you need. I think you...
  14. alia176

    Looking for advice on sloppy/wandering steering issue??

    Andy - sounds like your followed the FSM, good job on that. Did you see the note on which nut and which bolt to tighten due to the serrated hardware that the suspension has? Not a super big deal if you just tightened whatever was easy to access but Toyota mentions to not tighten any of the...
  15. alia176

    Looking for advice on sloppy/wandering steering issue??

    after looking at the pics in the thread below, you are NOT missing the "seal main shaft" deal. Age has worn yours down, just like the rest of us. Looking at the pic below, it's just about identical to what your video shows...
  16. alia176

    Looking for advice on sloppy/wandering steering issue??

    Your video shows the steering shaft moving up/down which isn't normal because there's suppose to be a bearing type locating device on the firewall. Where's yours? I forget the name of it but this part does wear out and introduce hot air into the cabin. However, this isn't the cause of your...
  17. alia176

    Engine over heating.

    Sounds like you're on the right track. Which radiator did you order?
  18. alia176

    Builds Spyduh's LX450 Build (Motor Rebuild + Wits End Turbo Kit)

    I didn't know that A/C dryers work sideways! That's good info.
  19. alia176

    Events/Trails Annual Ouray trip Aug 5-9, 2020

    HOLY SCHMOLY really? Shoot dang....
  20. alia176

    Engine over heating.

    Nah, think positive dude!!! Let's just do the simple troubleshooting steps and arrive at a logical conclusion. Since you have a new Aisin fan clutch, I doubt you have an air flow problem. If the problem still persists, we can get together this weekend. Please update your signature line...
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