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  1. CarbonCorsa

    For Sale  Kaymar rear bumper

    You do not have to cut your frame with this rear bumper. Has a trailer hitch built in to factory spec. Both swings work flawless. It's used so its faded a bit, and has some trail wear. Nothing of any big deal. These are hard to find now days. $1350 takes it. It's ready for pick up today. Can...
  2. CarbonCorsa

    Motorcycle / Dirt bike / SxS thread.

    Here is my current project. 1997 900 Supersport #69 I swapped it over to Fuel Injection and a few other mods. 13.5:1 compression ratio, fully lighten of all the rotational assemblies. Then my NCR kitted Paul Smart My Hypermotard and myself out testing for AAA. Then the new Maverick x3...
  3. CarbonCorsa

    F.S. Kaymar rear bumper (Dual Swings)

    Reposting as I'm back home and it's in my way. So it's being sold or getting re-installed next weekend. You do not have to cut your frame with this rear bumper. Has a trailer hitch built in to stronger then factory spec. Both swings work flawless. It's used so its faded a bit, and has some...
  4. CarbonCorsa

    For Sale  (AZ): Kaymar Bumper for 80 Series - LX450

    I have a used Kaymar bumper with dual swings. Tire and gas can, only has license plate light. The swings are smooth and work great. Faded black paint. I'll post pictures in a bit. $1600 Will help with getting it shipped. Cost is on the buyer.
  5. CarbonCorsa

    Copper State Cruisers Firearms Thread!

    I know a bunch of us enjoy the hobby of collecting firearms. And some of us get out once in a while to target shoot. Let's see if we can put a collective of information together. Educational purposes Gun shows Ammo deals Group day at the range (Fire restrictions are in place currently -...
  6. CarbonCorsa

    LS going in!

    One of my contacts and I were talking on Monday about some projects coming up. Which would have me doing some towing and some overnight stays at Glamis. As well as a few other locations. I'd like to have my landcruiser for. Also been wanting to run hummvv wheels, dual bead locks for a while...
  7. CarbonCorsa

    For Sale  Rebuilt 1fzfe

    I have a fresh 1fzfe long block. I rebuilt it through my shop. And is sitting in my personal 97 Landcruiser. Factory toyota parts from Toyota. ARP headstud kit is from our shop. I have 850 miles on break in so far. I'll be driving it on the weekends to the lake until it sells. It can be test...
  8. CarbonCorsa

    Bartlett Lake

    Setting up at Bartlett for the evening. It's actually pretty nice out. Kayak in the water early am. Head home at 9am tomorrow morning
  9. CarbonCorsa

    Camping this weekend?

    Anyone out camping this weekend? I'm thinking about it. But would like to find a lake I can kayak in at the same time. Anyone?
  10. CarbonCorsa

    The Saab

    Here is my Saab I picked up. It's a 85 Euro spec, originally sold in Denmark then shipped over to the US in 86. 2.0 16v turbo with a 5spd. Time now to buff it out and drive it. It's been sitting for 20 years. I tossed a new battery in it. Fresh gas cocktail. Fired up after a spun the motor...
  11. CarbonCorsa

    Pinal county **travel warning**

    Some of us are already aware of this as we work or live in the area. But everyone else please read this story. This is happening all over our state and not just south unfortunately. So please be careful. Hikers, campers warned about assassins in parts of Pinal County
  12. CarbonCorsa

    To LS or not to LS

    I'm now actively looking to do a LS swap. I'm going to pull my fresh 1fzfe and my transmission and sell it. Switching to the LS allows me to retune the package and get better mpg with larger tires and towing So I'm searching for the 6.0 and the matching transmission. I'll probably part out...
  13. CarbonCorsa

    Front seats

    I'm looking to replace my seats. My drivers side is beat. The passenger side is not bad. But to get them redone is more then I want to spend. Found these Sparco seats. They are nice to sit in. Will hold you well if you are rock crawling. And they are around $300 a seat. The black will not...
  14. CarbonCorsa

    Finally up and running

    Have about 250 miles on the motor. Cleaning up other stuff as well. since its been down since last July. Boy I miss my LC. I need to get my RTT cover replaced or repaired. The sun killed it.
  15. CarbonCorsa

    For Sale  AZ, Yukon Lockers

    For sale: Yukon Zip Locker Front and Rear for Toyota Landcrusier 91 - 97 8" Front $850 plus shipping 9.5" Rear 30 Spline $950 plus shipping These are air operated. And you will need a on-board air supply to use. Air tank, or compressor. I can get them for any years. These where left by...
  16. CarbonCorsa

    Location ideas (Sand)

    Good morning everyone. I am in planning stages of a near future test and the main requirement is sand. Normally this would be Glamis. But we are trying to stay within am hour of the town of Maricopa. I can't find anything on a map. Anyone have any ideas?
  17. CarbonCorsa

    Crown King Route Closing or Closed

    This was posted on Central Az 4x4's facebook page.
  18. CarbonCorsa

    Facebook users?

    I'm one of the admins (michael manning) on TLCA's facebook page. Log into Facebook | Facebook I know a few non local Arizona LC's are on there. Let me know if you are not. Send a request. I can approve you within a few minutes. We are at 7k members. Climbing each day! I did cross post CSC meet...
  19. CarbonCorsa

    1FZ-FE Crankshaft Bearings (Toyota updated part)

    In my quest to get my 80 back up and running. While I build a turbo motor. I ordered a set of factory engine bearings. They have seemed to updated another part. The old was just a plain bearing shell. The new bearing has updated oil reliefs. That being said. My bearing failure was pretty...
  20. CarbonCorsa

    WTB 1FZ main bearings

    WTB 1FZ main bearings (standard size) Anyone have a set? I can't find anything what isn't on a back order.
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