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  1. gregnash

    UCA upgrade suggestions

    Yup. Jason is a long time member, plenty of Land Cruisers and good guy to boot. I am planning a pilgrimage to his shop sometime this year to grab a Diff drop from him.
  2. gregnash

    Builds What did you do with your cruiser today?

    Keep me informed on what you find out if you wouldn't mind. Don't really need right this moment but would like to hand towards the end of the year when it starts cooling down again.
  3. gregnash

    UCA upgrade suggestions

    From the reading I have done it seems like they are pretty good however there have been some unsatisfied customers that have stated issues on here (couple different threads for UCAs). There is also the @TRAIL TAILOR UCAs as well that are of equivalent price and J makes excellent quality stuff.
  4. gregnash

    Builds Hundo Family Truckster

    Yup... I found an "old school" steering wheel puller a while back at a garage sale, best $5 I have spent! And to top it off, looked like it had been used once. For your ram mount for the phone, why not get @BenCC to make you a mount for the knockout blank that is on the opposite side of the...
  5. gregnash

    Why does everyone want Rock Warrior wheels?

    I am with you... curious but really not my style.
  6. gregnash

    A Harrowing Tale of Incompetence - How I destroyed a steering knuckle

    Wow... she is fighting you every step of the way huh...
  7. gregnash

    LC running rough

    Isn't the duty usually a percentage of what the shipper puts on the "worth" of the package? I believe that is what it is on our side of the pond and that is only if the port ends up having to look at the package for whatever reason..
  8. gregnash

    Builds Benjamin’s 3D Prints Build

    @BenCC any update on this...
  9. gregnash


    Damn that thing is a work of art!!!! Congrats man, definitely a show worthy truck! Question, what rims are you running?
  10. gregnash

    HF the good, the bad and the ugly. Post up your experience

    I bought the Braun thin bar light that was linked in another thread and have had it for over a year. Still kicking and absolutely love it. Plenty of light in either mode (bright or dim) and the magnet is nice and strong. When I was in there this weekend to grab some more vinyl gloves for...
  11. gregnash

    Series 100 LC Light Bulb Type Reference

    True... just realized that as I looked at the picture more.. they could be the running lights as well which would be more applicable as you did not mention having the "super speed blinker" when you used the turn signals. Will have to take a look at mine in the dark tonight to see what exactly...
  12. gregnash

    Need help deciding on if I should buy my first LX470; any advice really appreciated.

    Are you willing to travel for the vehicle? You could potentially find a better, cheaper vehicle if you are not in a hurry and are willing to travel and drive back. I just purchased a 98 LC with 191k on it at the end of December for $9500 and it had brand new tires, sliders and a small lift on...
  13. gregnash

    Stupid Question - Main EFI Relay Doesn't Want To Come Out

    Look at the Immobilizer Bypass thread. Some good info in there and he eludes to having a similar problem with his truck. From what I gather it is a basic corroding of connections resulting in some resistance and voltage loss. Enough so that the voltage is just under the amount to be able to...
  14. gregnash

    12 Hole Injector Upgrade - Finally Tested

    And there will still be some people that won't believe it, come up with some reason why your testing went wrong, and deny the proof. Unfortunately, those are usually the louder ones in our society and thus their info becomes more mainstream.
  15. gregnash

    Series 100 LC Light Bulb Type Reference

    Why do you think yours are burned out? I believe that is the flasher for the turn signal but could be wrong.
  16. gregnash

    Replacement Key?

    Been stated in a couple different instance but max the system will take is 8 keys. Manual says 5 masters and 3 valet key designations, but when I went to wipe mine I had a total of 8 keys designated as masters.
  17. gregnash

    Builds What did you do with your cruiser today?

    LOL... I went back and forth on colors quite a bit before I painted mine, so I get ya on that. Question, who are you using for the seat cover install? Looking for an automotive upholsterer that could help me out. The passenger side butt warmer is not working properly in the new rig (thinking...
  18. gregnash

    12 Hole Injector Upgrade - Finally Tested

    Found it! Thought this was a pretty good and comprehensive video.
  19. gregnash

    LC running rough

    Thinking RockAuto may be a good place to grab the Denso's???
  20. gregnash

    LC running rough

    Think that Denso is the OE manufacturer so that may allow you to find them slightly cheaper than going through Toyota. I know that NGK is utilized a lot by Toyota so you would probably be good with either Denso or NGK coil packs in the future. They are probably of comparable price too (within a...
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