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  1. snobdds

    Walmart Meat

    Who eats it? Who doesn't?
  2. snobdds

    Possible to embedd twitter post?

    I don't know how hard it would be to allow embedding of twitter, I could see it as useful. Please and Thank You :smokin:
  3. snobdds

    New Paint with low VOC is worthless

    I have been painting a couple of bathrooms in our house before spring and have not been impressed with the new paints on the market. The problem with latex paint I'm finding is the stuff never dries hard anymore. It always stays a little soft and pliable. I suspect by removing the VOC's, it...
  4. snobdds

    Charlie Sheen has Aids

    Now we know what tiger blood is. This is probably not a huge surprise, but I will be watching to see how many hoes Gloria Allred will parade in front of the cameras...
  5. snobdds

    Why did I have to see this

    Damn you Google. Last time I did this I slept on the couch for a month. But, I do have a cabin this would make getting into the winter easyier. Not smelling like two stroke gas from a snowmobile a plus. I have this... Just saw this. Matraks that fit on a raptor. That month on...
  6. snobdds

    Woody...There's a crack in the matrix.

    I did check my language settings and they are english.
  7. snobdds

    Wanted  22re OEM Powersteering pump

    I want to get a extra power steering pump for my 1988 Toyota with the 22re. I plan on rebuilding it, so it dosen't need to be perfect. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it. It looks like this... Thanks
  8. snobdds

    Wanted  60 Series Center Caps

    Looking for some 60 series center caps like the ones below. A pair in decent shape with all the tabs is prefered:D. Name your price and I will pick up shipping.
  9. snobdds

    By-passing the P.A.I.R VSV

    Has anyone bypassed their P.A.I.R VSV (red one) by hooking up the reed valve directly to manifold vacuum on their 22RE? I had one of the nipples off the PAIR VSV break off, it is the side that feeds manifold vacuum to the VSV, then the other nipple routes that vacuum to the reed valve allowing...
  10. snobdds

    Wanted  OEM Chrome Wagon Wheels 15 X 6

    I am looking for some OEM Toyota 6X5.5 Chrome Wagon Wheels. 15x6 steel 4-3/4" back side spacing Center bore diameter: 4-3/8" ID I know they came on the mid 80's era truck and 4runner. See pic below. I am located in Cheyenne, WY. Will pick up the shipping. Thanks
  11. snobdds

    World's smallest V-12 Diesel

    I found this very unique in the simplicty and attention to detail required to pull this off. Made all his own parts at his home shop. Here is somemore detail about it that was embedded in the email. Anyone who appreciates the precision art of...
  12. snobdds

    82 Toyota at Mecum Auto Auction

    I saw this over on Yotatech, I just copied it over to mud... 82 Toyota Sold at Mecum Auction - YotaTech Forums It sold for $19,000. Very nice looking truck. I can't tell from the pictures, but are those manual locking hubs on the rear end...maybe a conversion to a full floating rear end? It...
  13. snobdds

    B & G Fiberglass Beds

    Has anyone ever had a fiberglass bed built by B & G Fiberglass? Looking for a little feedback before I give the go ahead. Toyota & Chevy S10 replacement fiberglass pickup truck bed My bed is finally at a point where I need to do something about it. I have searched for replacement beds...
  14. snobdds

    New 22RE Preformance Engine Instal

    I have a 1988 DLX Toyota Pickup truck that needed a new engine and here is how i did it... A little background... I have had this truck for the last 10 years and 150,000 miles. I have always done my own maintenance on it and it has basically shown me the ropes when it comes to turning a...
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