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  1. Yellow Jacket

    SOLD  PA: 2019 Tacoma TRD sport wheels - 678 miles

    Nearly new take-offs from my Taco. Located in Malvern, PA. No curb rash or nicks. Asking $500. 17” wheels. Also have the OEM Toyo Open country 265-65-R17 tires for sale for $400
  2. Yellow Jacket

    Park Slope 77 FJ40

    Looking for the owner of a tan 77 that was on CL but the ad expired. It had some Yankee Toys stickers on it so figured I’d find them here. Anyone know the owner? Thanks
  3. Yellow Jacket

    SOLD  PA: FJ40 Jump Seats with fold down legs SOLD

    Sold. $600 as-is, not interested in shipping. Located in Malvern, PA
  4. Yellow Jacket

    craigslist  2017 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ79 Pick Up - $95000 (Philadelphia, PA)

    2017 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ79 Pick Up Not mine and no idea if legit. Really curious to see what title says and would love to see in person. Thought everyone would be interested. Posting in ad below in case it disappears. We are selling a 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser, HZJ79 Double Cab Pick...
  5. Yellow Jacket

    Happy National Beer Day!!!

    In recognition of National Beer Day on April 7, the day in 1933 when beer was legal for the first time since 1920 - AEI Some crazy statistics in the linked article. I know micro brews had taken off in the last decade, but wow!
  6. Yellow Jacket

    SOLD  LX450 subwoofer (PA)

    Worked fine but moving to a Landcruiser center console so I don’t need it. $20 plus shipping.
  7. Yellow Jacket

    Optima Battery Group Buy ACT FAST - Merry Christmas!

    Guys I came across this deal on another forum and wanted to share it. I've never bought from this vendor before, but several guys had and all were happy, so I ordered a Yellow Top D31A for my 80 series. Seems like a hell of a good deal $95 shipped! I asked him if OK to share and this is...
  8. Yellow Jacket

    SOLD  OME 861/862 + Tokico Shocks for 80 series (Eastern PA)

    SOLD. $300 + shipping from 19355 OBO Shoot me a PM with offers if this isn't a fair price. All components have ~20K miles on them. Very little rust. Stickers still on the coils. No issues at all. Rode smooth and gave me a slight lift. This is the "stock" height kit, but actually adds...
  9. Yellow Jacket

    For Sale  97 LX450 front row leather + driver's seat bottom cushion

    Update: Leather is sold. Driver's seat bottom still available for $25+shipping. Leather and seat bottom have about 187,600 miles when I pulled them. In better shape than a lot that i see. Not sure what to ask, but will start at $100 + shipping. Located in Malvern, PA 19355 These will NOT...
  10. Yellow Jacket

    Heads up on Anthracite May 18-20

    For anyone thinking of Anthracite this weekend, it's going to be busy: Wheelers Overland Adventure Registration This weekend Mainline Offroad (MLO) is traveling to Anthracite Off-Road Adventure Area in Coal Township, PA for the Wheelers Overland Aventure. The brainchild of MLO customer Mike...
  11. Yellow Jacket

    Mudship from Raleigh - Slee short bus bumper

    Anyone traveling through Raleigh anytime soon with some extra space? Even partway is helpful to save me some drive time. Can pay in cash or beer.
  12. Yellow Jacket

    MUDShip  Bumper from Raleigh to Philly (or close)

    I need to get a FZJ80 aftermarket steel bumper from Raleigh, NC to Philly. Really just looking to cut my drive time so even if you can only get it up to VA it would be a big help. Thanks
  13. Yellow Jacket

    craigslist  2008 3UR-FE 85K miles (LA)

    Note mine and no affiliation, but thought someone might be interested: 2008 Tundra 5.7 motor
  14. Yellow Jacket

    For Sale  BNIB clutch slave cylinder

    All parts are brand new. Prices are what I paid from Beno. Sold the 40, so I don't need these. Clutch Slave Cylinder for a 2F/4Speed. 31470-60071 $72 + shipping Oil Pan Gasket for a 2F. 12151-61010 $25 + shipping OEM Rear Main Seal for a 2F. 90311-99065 $55 + shipping Shipping...
  15. Yellow Jacket

    For Sale  SOLD: FJ40 OEM Hubcaps Brand New In Box - Set of 5 (PA)

    Set of 5 (3 closed and 2 open for hub dials). Brand new in box. 3x - 42621-60010 (2 for rear axle + 1 spare tire) 2x - 42621-60020 (2 for front axle) I calculate these would cost about $83 on-line from the discount part slingers. $75 + shipping from 19355.
  16. Yellow Jacket

    For Sale  SOLD: FJ40 Sun Visors (PA)

    $50 + shipping from 19355. One side is a little dingy and needs a good cleaning.
  17. Yellow Jacket

    SOLD  LX450 OEM Radio & CD changer - SOLD

    SOLD $100 shipped. Head unit Pulled by PO for an aftermarket head unit. He told me it worked fine, but I can't confirm. Looks clean. I pulled the cd changer today. Also clean.
  18. Yellow Jacket

    For Sale  '77 2F Distributor (PA)

    Small cap variety. Ran fine when pulled. Asking $100 obo + shipping.
  19. Yellow Jacket

    For Sale  SOLD: FJ40 Tie Rod Ends Kit (NEW) - PA

    New kit, never installed. Found in my stash of PO parts. I believe it is from Cruiser Corps based on part number on the box. Link to kit: FJ40 Tie Rod Ends Kit Looks like it costs $78 from CC. I'd take $60 + shipping from 19355.
  20. Yellow Jacket

    SOLD  Duralast V Belts (FZJ80) - PA

    Set of new, unused belts for a FZJ80. Duralast: 2 belts - Part # 15450 1 belt - Part # 17360 I looked up on-line prices and came up with ~$20. So let's say $10 + $5 shipping.
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