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  1. natas801

    toyota 2.4 L turbo RPM

    Just a simple question. What RPM's are you guys running to on a stock 2.4L turbo. Is 3000 to high running down the highway ?
  2. natas801

    Parting Out  2.4 diesel block and head

    like the title says i have a good block and head from an 84 2.4 diesel located in Reno NV text is best 801-564-9029 Ryan $100 each
  3. natas801

    For Sale  2.4 LTE Electronic control fuel pump

    2.4 LTE fuel pump. Off of a running 95-99 2.4 LTE diesel. I went mechanical pump. $200 plus the ride located in Reno NV
  4. natas801

    Need Help !!! 3L clutch kit part number

    Guys I need help finding the clutch kit in the US.It is for a 2.8 3L flywheel I put on a 2.4 LTE
  5. natas801

    2.4LTE help wiring up the ECU

    So i'm swapping in a 2.4LTE into my 84 long bed that had the 2L in it. on the engine stand i got power to the ecu hooked up the batteries and jumped power to the spill valve. the motor finally started but was revving high and blowing tons of smoke like the pump was way over fueling. any ideas on...
  6. natas801

    Wanted  2lte pressure plate 8 bolt

    in need of a pressure plate for my 2lte bought a automatic motor trans combo went to put it in my old 2L truck and the plate off my old one is only 6 bolts please let me know if you have one laying around 801-564-9029 Ryan
  7. natas801

    Wanted  2.4 LTE oil pan with dip stick (not Hiace) oil pan

    So i ordered a 2.4LTE received it and it was out of a hiace van. long story short the oil pan will interfere with my front axle. im needing one that will fit with its own built in dipstick. let me know what ya got 801-564-9029 Ryan
  8. natas801

    2LTE automatic ECU pin out

    Does someone have the wire color and pin out to an 2LTE ECU. i'm trying to wire in the 2LTE from my stock motor which was an 2L other info is the truck is an 84 toyota longbed that came stock with the 2.4 Diesel. any help is much appreciated
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