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    DIY Bumper

    I got tired of all the $1000 winch bumper options. Had local fab shop make me a channel out of 52" of 1/4" plate. I notched out for the spring perches on the underside of the frame. I did a 30 degree pie cut 6" in from the ends bent in and rewelded. I will use 90 degree 1/4" plate welded to...
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    ARB Bumper, Saginaw and Winch Options

    Hi, I see a few people have asked about this combo but not any resolution (at least not recently). I am looking at the new style ARB Bumper (for sure) 3420020. I am planning on power Saginaw, my frame was built for this. I would like to use a Smittybilt XRC-9.5K synthetic winch, will this...
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    Fuel Tank in 18" Stretch Fj

    Has anyone done an 18" aqualu stretch and put in a different fuel tank than the under seat? I was assuming I would have more space in the rear section but the stretch is right behind the front seats. Hoping someone has found an existing tank that would plunk in that space. I have read some of...
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    Warn Manual Hub Choice

    Hi Guys, I have two styles of Warn hub covers to choose from. The one on the left I believe is an older version. If you can see the piece is solid Al, the newer one has been hollowed out somewhat around the Allen bolt holes. As you can see, the newer one tends to collect gunk. Any reason I...
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    Supplier "MAF"

    Hi, found an OLD thread on Pirate 4x4 and the OP was referring to by "MAF" as a supplier? As you know, searching for "parts" and "MAF" will only find you every Mass Airflow Sensor on the planet! Does anyone know what supplier would be abbreviated as "MAF"?
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    R2.8 to B series H55F

    Hi All, I know someone is going to say search the forums, and I have. I am struggling with a 5 speed solution to my R2.8 to FJ40 build. I can go with something non-toyota, then I need an axle swap or at least an axle centering done. Then I need an adapter and a tcase that works. I was...
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    Builds  Sean's FJ40 Restomod?

    Hi All, Where I will begin is with the Cummins R2.8. I have known about this engine for a few years, saw it used on Xtreme 4x4 when Ian Johnson put one in something or another. I had been a fan of those shows for years (Powerblock on Sunday mornings in Canada). You could say I "learned" much...
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    Prop 65

    Hi, Off topic question here but have been searching a lot of parts lately on American websites. I am a bit concerned about California, like does everyone there already have cancer and reproductive damage? Or is it just every material in the periodic table and in your University Organic...
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    I'm new, I'm new, I don't know what to do!

    Immortal words of Joe Dirt. I kind of do know what to do though. I have ordered my very own R2.8 and I am thinking I want to build an fj45 type overlanding rig, similar to what Icon does but all my own. I happen to be lucky enough to live in the same province as Aqualu industries, so I am...
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