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  1. krice118

    Wanted 1 Tundra TRD Black / Silver 18" Wheel - Anyone need spares

    I’d be in at $150 per wheel shipped. We will find a deal. I paid $350 for my 4
  2. krice118

    For Sale  Victor ID / Jackson WY - Early 100 series Wheels with 285 75 16 - 55k miles

    1998 Wheels for sale. 4 tires have 55k miles and one is brand new. Tires are 5 Years Old. Located in Victor ID / Jackson WY. $400 obo
  3. krice118

    Stainless Steel Landcruiser Snorkels

    Probably a supercharged 2UZJ..........
  4. krice118

    Massive Metal Shop - New 100 series parts!

    Accessory mount for engine bay behind the air intake? Slee is the only one I can find and I don’t want to spend more on the mount than the air compressor haha
  5. krice118

    Slee Mount with Smittybilt Compressor?

    Anyone besides slee make an air compressor mount for the engine bay? The slee is for a 2nd battery as well as a compressor. I don’t need that just a simple mount for an air compressorb
  6. krice118

    Moving across country?

    Boise is on the rise and their winters arent too bad. I used ot Live in Denver - it is getting too overcrowded for me. Moved to Teton Valley ID - love it. Big snow small town. I would not move to ABQ Sante Fe is pretty cool. You and your wife should take the next year or so to visit a few...
  7. krice118

    Moving across country?

    Do it. Move. Ive moved across the world and the US 3 times total.
  8. krice118

    February TX Hill Country Cruiser Run Recap

    Great Pics thanks for sharing.
  9. krice118

    SOLD Central Alabama James Baroud Rooftop tent, hardshell XXL model

    I just bought @GyppoGarage Awning. Great Seller to deal with. I would do business with him again in a heartbeat.
  10. krice118

    100 Mechanic needed Sacramento CA

    Nvm. My cousin is going to see Vslkeyvhybrids in Stockton. Forgot they were there.
  11. krice118

    100 Mechanic needed Sacramento CA

    Anyone know any?
  12. krice118

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    @ClassyJalopy Come on tell us what happened!
  13. krice118

    KISS Drawers (Keep It Simple Storage) For 100 Series

    FYI per Instagram Dave is alive and working on his LandShark Outfitters business. Thanks for striving for greatness Dave!
  14. krice118

    Builds Cruiser Gear Legend Giveaway - FJ40 Restomod

    Congrats! Definitely a little jealous but I’m excited for the winner! Really cool giveaway Cruiser gear, 4x4 Legend and the sponsors. Thanks guys this has been fun to watch.
  15. krice118

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    So far this winter I have pulled out a F150, suburban, and Mazda crossover. Everyone loves the 100 on Nitto Exo grapplers (for looks and bailing them out haha)
  16. krice118

    Good deal or pass?

    Id avoid 2000. only year that had transmission issues. Yes its a small % of them but still I would avoid.
  17. krice118

    G Wagon

    I agree - my MIL has a Range Rover SVR and my FIL has a G65 - Rover is night and day nicer to drive and more inconspicuous.
  18. krice118

    LRA 40 Gallon Replacement Tank Install

    You're porbably looking for the 25 AUX tank that goes where the spare tire is. stays above the frame rails I believe.
  19. krice118

    Builds Krice Build Thread

    Ok time to do a little update: as of a few weekds ago, my suspension set up is as follows: OME TBs, Ironman foam cell pro front shocks, OME 865 rear coils and 1" spacer and Fox 2.0 shocks i nthe rear. Trail Tailor Diff drop and Trail tailor extended front and rear sway bars. the TBs, front...
  20. krice118

    Life after an 80?

    If you have 60k to spend on an 80, you can modify it to your exact specs. Or build the 80 moderately and buy a 30k sports car......
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