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  1. DanMedeiros

    Wanted  Icon 2.5 adjustable remote reservoir shocks for 80 series

    Anyone have a set of these they are willing to part with?
  2. DanMedeiros

    Instrument lights are dead. How to diagnose??

    Hello everyone, Last week I got super bogged down with installing SLEE's upgrade and aux harness. For whatever reason the version I received had the wiring color backwards from what was in the instructions. According to Slee, went I hooked up the aux harness incorrectly it sent power backwards...
  3. DanMedeiros

    SLEE upgrade harness and Aux harness hell

    Well my simple evening project turned into an 8 hour ordeal and I still can't figure out the problem. Only hope is the collective mud brain trust.. I am adding fog lights and a small light bar to my LX450. The lights have been installed for some time and I was finally getting around to writing...
  4. DanMedeiros

    start with surplus trailer or home build?

    Hi Mud world, I am interested in either buying or building a small m100/416 utility trailer. Now that I have a kiddo the amount of gear we bring camping in mellow terrain is just crazy! It would be great to have a trailer that can haul more water, toys, and amenities. Also would like to put a...
  5. DanMedeiros

    Alarm recommendations

    Help! For the third time in 5 months some Santa Cruz druggie has busted the glass of my rig, in my driveway no less, and ripped me off. First few times they got away with 1000s of dollar in gear that insurance covered. This time was just annoying all they stole was my first aid kit and winch...
  6. DanMedeiros

    For Sale  2.5" Lift. OME Heavy Lift. Price $275

    Hello everyone, I recently replaced my suspension to upgrade to 35-inch tires and move up to a 4 inch lift. I have the old springs and radius arms that were on the truck. These parts are in good shape and where installed brand new in January of 2017. All components have about 25K miles on them...
  7. DanMedeiros

    Still no K02 in 315/75/16. Desperate for a spare!

    Hi mud world. I’m leaving for a Baja trip in a month and recently upgraded to K02 35s. I was able to find 4 from a buddy on mud. However I need to source a spare! Nothing is available nationwide :bang: I’d be happy to take a used tire or even a different brand in the same size used
  8. DanMedeiros

    Viscous Coupler confusion

    With @Shoredreamer leading the charge we are working on regearing a used Tase rebuilt with under-drive gears and new lower low-range gears. We were working on buttoning up the case tonight and realized that the VC of the donor case was fried. With the center diff unlocked the front and rear...
  9. DanMedeiros

    No K02s in stock nationwide, alternatives?

    Hello mud world, I know this subject has been beat to death, and yes I have searched :flipoff2: I went in to buy 5 new 315/75/16 tires today for freshly powder coated rims and was shocked to learn they are of stock with none being produced until the very end of January. Problem is I am likely...
  10. DanMedeiros

    Landcruiser rap playlist?

    I saw this posted up on the TLCA facebook page but then couldn't find it . Who has the definitive playlist of landcruiser call outs in 90s hip hop??
  11. DanMedeiros

    underseat sub build

    Hi Mud world, I figured I should post up about this project in case anyone else is interested in adding a subwoofer under the passenger seat. Granted I am not the most mechanically inclined but this took me forever to figure out and was the culmination of many interrelated projects. One of my...
  12. DanMedeiros

    Help me decide on 4 inch springs

    Hi mud world, I have all the parts together to move up from 33s to 35s. I ordered the new Delta arms and rear panhard bracket. In the process of rehearing the transfer case. I also got all the odds and ends like new brake lines, bump stop spacers, ect. My question is this. What are the rad...
  13. DanMedeiros

    For Sale  OME 2864 HD rear springs, $100

    Hi everyone, I bought a pair of lightly used OME 2864 HD springs but I ended up deciding to go with taller coils for my suspension redo. These are for an 80 Series. Not sure if they also work for a 100 or a 60. Happy to let these go for $100. Originally $175. If you would like me to ship them...
  14. DanMedeiros

    Solar Wiring question

    Hi Everyone! I'm thinking about adding a 100wat solar panel to my alu-cab expedition 3. I had a question about wiring the controller to the battery. I don't think I have a spot under my hood for the controller and was thinking of using my Wits End Quarter panel mount to install it. However...
  15. DanMedeiros

    Wire a relay to be controlled by 2 switches?

    Hi everyone, I am working on my compressor/stereo/solar/ and aux power setup using the Wits end quarter panel mount Quarter Panel Mount, 80 Series- right . I am wiring up a viar 450C compressor that needs to be switched on by a relay. Here is my question: Ideally I would like to be able to...
  16. DanMedeiros

    Scan Gauge showed 20 volts!

    Good afternoon Mud' community, I had a very weird day with the cruiser. I was driving home and all of the sudden my voltage warning light came on and my scan gauge starting reading a charging voltage of 19.5 volts!:eek: I pulled off ASAP and turned the truck off. Truck would not restart. When I...
  17. DanMedeiros

    Best socket set besides snap-on

    Hi everyone, I am moving this month and finally have a two car Garage! I just received purchased a huge tool cabinet that is pretty much empty. I need to fill it up. What is the best quality brand for sockets and wrenches. I have tons of cheep random tools in my 80 for emergency wrenching but...
  18. DanMedeiros

    4x4 labs interior can rack dimensions

    Hi guys, I just ordered some of there KISS drawers Land Shark Outfitters and want to pair them with this interior can carrier from 4x4 labs. The goal is to add a flip up window and make water easily acceptable while saving my rear swing out carrier for gas since our trucks use so much. here...
  19. DanMedeiros

    FOUND IT!: spray can plastic paint to match Tan Oak Interior

    So I spent a week and several trips to the auto paint store to find the right color to match the Tan Oak interior color. I used SEM plastic specific paint in the color "Monterey". It's almost a perfect match
  20. DanMedeiros

    Painting/refinishing plastic trim in tan oak color

    So My LX450 center console just gave up the ghost. The lid will not stay closed. I have tried to buy two at this point. One was brown. The other was total crap but was the correct color. I wanted to try refinishing the one that was in good shape. Been searching for an hour and found a post from...
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