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    Help! Fj62 hesitation is gonna be the death of me.

    89 62, 260k miles, stock everything, all smog equipment still there (yay, Cali) head was pulled 15k miles ago and completely redone. Everything else checked out ok so I stopped with just the head. Ran great after the work. Started to get a random hesitation. Which got progressively worse, to...
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    Wanted  Fj62 distributer

    mine s$!£ the bed. Any leads appreciated. Thanks!
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    For Sale  Fj60 center console, good condition

    Have a 60 series brown center console. Few imperfections, 1 small chip, and 2 minor cracks (see pics). Cup holder included, has minor seat belt wear on the side. Came with my 62, but for obvious reasons won't work. Would gladly trade for a 62 version, or even just the lid in good shape...
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