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  1. xtremeVA

    Merry Christmas to all 45ers

    Have a great Christmas. I wish that everyone can enjoy more time in 45land in 2020.:cheers:
  2. xtremeVA

    For Sale  ...The BaT/Atlanta/Blue-White 45LV surfaces again

    Not mine and no affiliation. This LV has been lurking around for a while. It's on sale at Gateway Classics for a mere $88,000 o_O. Link below. If they expected that kind of money it should have been sent to @ClemsonCruiser for a professional restoration. 1967 fj45LV
  3. xtremeVA

    45LV body reinforcing plate

    What is the purpose of the reinforcing bracket/plate that is welded to the underside of the mid floor? It extends between the frame rails. I have attached a picture (thanks @crustycruise) and circled the area in red the area I am referring to There are also 2 reinforced holes (circled in...
  4. xtremeVA

    1964 LV with Ambulance doors?

    Sharing a video from YouTube (no affiliation). Pretty cool to see this variant of LV. License plate is from Paraguay. Does anyone else have one with Ambulance rear doors? LV with Ambulance Doors
  5. xtremeVA

    For Sale  Aisan SD40 Carb on Ebay (no affiliation)

    Aisan SD40 Carb These don't come up very often.
  6. xtremeVA

    eBay  Aisan SD-40 Carb on Ebay

    Not Affiliated with sale. Aisan SD-40 on ends Saturday Aug 17th. Search for "Aisan Carb Large Glass" on ebaymotors and you should find it. @KT40 - I can't remember who was searching for one but you responded to the thread.
  7. xtremeVA

    FJ45LV Door Locks???

    In disassembling the door mechanisms I was wondering where are the door locks? Any enlightenment would be appreciated.
  8. xtremeVA

    45LV - Metal gauge for floors etc.

    Anyone know what metal gauge was used on the floors, door sills, inner and outer rockers? It seems as if the door sills slightly heavier gauge than the floor, but it's tough to tell because everything is a bit rusty. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. xtremeVA

    Fuel tank sending unit - options

    My fuel tank sending unit doesn't work. Is there a replacement option that anyone installed with success? My piggie is a 1972. thanks for any ideas and help you can provide,
  10. xtremeVA

    Wanted  76-78 FJ40/55 Front Disc Brake Backing Plates

    GOT IT....NO LONGER NEEDED. Looking for a set of front disc brake backing plates from a 76-78 FJ40 or FJ55 that are in decent shape. I started cleaning mine up and they are in pretty bad shape. PM me if you have something kicking around your shop. Thanks,
  11. xtremeVA

    VIN Frame stamping on 86 FJ60?

    Is there a frame stamp that shows the VIN or a production number on an 86 FJ60? I checked right outer frame member in front and behind the front wheel as shown on the SOR website but I didn't see anything. Is this the correct location? I know the VIN is on the metal tags but is there...
  12. xtremeVA

    Introducing "Virginia Pig" (72FJ55)

    A while back (Feb 2015) I posted about a 1972 FJ55 on Ebay. The original auction went well outside my budget but in a post auction conversation the seller told me the winning bidder was a scammer. Eventually it was re-posted and I won the 2nd auction. It was stored in California for many...
  13. xtremeVA

    The $200,000 Land Cruiser (FJ45LV)

    It's not a FJ55, but it's an interesting article. I don't feel so bad on the amount of money I am spending after reading this article. How I Sold a Toyota Land Cruiser for Nearly $200,000 and Lost Money
  14. xtremeVA

    MUDShip  1973 FJ55 transport Rocklin, CA to Herndon, VA

    No longer needed Need to ship an FJ55 from Rocklin, CA to Herndon, VA. Flexible on ship dates. Open transport ok. Vehicle is fully operational without modifications (lift kit, oversize tires). Vehicle is located at a full service storage facility and will need to be picked up M-F during...
  15. xtremeVA

    Wanted  FJ55 Front Bumper

    Anyone have a spare, stock front bumper?
  16. xtremeVA

    Wanted  FJ55 Rear Doors - Fixed window mounting hardware

    HELP -On the back doors, I need the vertical track that holds the fixed window in place and serves as the rearward track for the sliding window in the back doors. I can't put the rear windows (I have all the glass) I need both sides and any mounting hardware too. Thanks for any help you...
  17. xtremeVA

    Piggy on Ebay - worth the $$?? What are your thoughts on this Pig for sale on Ebay. I got some detailed pictures of the underside and (of course) there is...
  18. xtremeVA

    75 Pig Arrives in NoVA

    Dug myself deeper into the LC insane asylum with the purchase of a 75 Pig. Arrived in VA a couple days ago and I'm looking forward to putting this pig back together and back on the road.
  19. xtremeVA

    Bolt Torque Spec for 2F Oil Pan Bolts

    Can someone look up the torque spec in the FSM? Thanks for helping out...
  20. xtremeVA

    For Sale  FJZ80 Carpet - Brown

    I have a great condition used carpet from an 80 series. I bought it from Cruiseryard for $125 and never put installed it before selling the vehicle. It's dark brown, in great condition, the only thing is that the vinyl foot pad came unglued from the carpet (will be can glue it...
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