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  1. James Warner

    Wanted  [WA] 2 OEM Acorn Hubcaps-With Holes

    Hello Fellow Mudders; I'm looking for 2 OEM acorn hubcaps, I have three closed centered ones and could buy the repro's, but thought I'd check here first. I'm not afraid of rust and dents for they would go well with the rust and dents on my rig. I can paypal payment. Thanks! James
  2. James Warner

    1967 D40 carb questions

    Hello fellow Mudders! While I have not done a formal introduction yet, this site over the years is probably the definitive resource for Land Cruisers; so thank you all so much for the help and keeping this rigs alive! I'll cut to the chase: My 1967 FJ40 has a D40 carb, non solenoid, with what...
  3. James Warner

    For Sale  1969 FJ55 Porland OR

    I'm not affiliated with this sale in any way. Just thought it was a cool rig and wanted to pass it on. Price seems high. Enjoy. 1969 Toyota FJ 55
  4. James Warner

    Wanted  Early(ish) Front Bench Seats and Rear Jump Seats (1967)

    Hello Fellow Mudders, My recently acquired project is lack the factory front seats (non-headrest version). I'm looking for at the minimum decent frames of which I can restore. I'm located in the Seattle area but would be happy to travel for the right seats (and other parts?); I can bring my own...
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