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  1. Plor

    What size screw and which hydraulic lines to plug?

    My local shop did not have the knowledge about ahc so he basiccaly just did change our my ahc to dobinson kit i had order. He also forgot to plug the lines with a screw too. Anyone know the info i need to get this fix? He only charged me 220 for what he did which was changing to the kit but...
  2. Plor

    should i buy this ? it has options to switch on the spring and get the torsion bar. any suggestions on this price and set of shocks?
  3. Plor

    suggestions on what to buy so i can remove failed ahc.

    dont plan on spending big but went to dealership and was told my ahc failed and probably need all replacing and was going to cost alot. so i want to convert it as that is the cheaper route. any new set with torsion bar that under 1000? i just want regular stock height if higher would be better...
  4. Plor

    Wanted  100 series suspension for my 01 lx 470

    my ahc failed so im looking to convert it. let me know what you got.
  5. Plor

    need help choosing 01 lexus lx470

    hello guys im stuck on getting strutsmasters suspension or getting the lc 100 suspension . plan on having a local mechanic do the labor . any suggestions or ideas i should be having. still new to the scene but yeah my ahc has failed and reflush the fluid two times . so this is why i am thinking...
  6. Plor

    Wanted  100 series

    looking to replace my ahc system. anyone got LC 100 parts for sale? 72855
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