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  1. alia176

    Affordable Overland stuff - tent, awning, etc

    Oztent knock off for a lot less Welcome to Overland Pros - Overland Pros
  2. alia176

    iKamper Skycamp 1.0 for $400 free shipping

    If you're on the fence on getting a hard shell RTT, this could be your opportunity to pick one up!!
  3. alia176

    Events/Trails  Annual Ouray trip Aug 5-9, 2020

    It's time to head up to Ouray again folks. Like previous years, the plan is to base camp out of 4J+j+1 CG based on the dates shown in the title. This is a family/dog friendly (dogs on leash inside the CG) event and everyone is welcome. You MUST have a 4x4 with low range capability. Even though...
  4. alia176

    I need a computer geek ... Win 7 and Win 10

    Alright, I don't' wanna spend hours and hours trying to read all the threads on these two OSs and why two of my laptops have gone wonky. since recent updates. If anyone would like to dig into this for me, I'll buy you dinner. I'd rather rebuild an engine or slash my wrist with a butterknife...
  5. alia176

    Events/Trails  Overland get together at Sportsman Warehouse parking lot this sat

    Alright, I've been to couple of these social get togethers and our club is grossly under represented. I propose we show up en masse this sat a, little before 9am to secure some good spots. This is the mostly unused parking lot east of the Sportsman Warehouse building, where everyone...
  6. alia176

    Thanksgiving dinner on the trail ideas

    Since Pappy, Pyro-boy and I will be spending Thanksgiving on the White Rim trail next week, figured I'd start a thread on some food ideas. No Pappy, we're NOT having pop tarts and oatmeal :flipoff2: Canyonland doesn't allow camp fires so all cooking will be done on stoves. I'm not a huge fan...
  7. alia176

    Trying to decide 4x4lab bike rack - which style?

    I see that 4x4 labs offer two types of upright bike holding racks: skewer mounted or front wheel mounted. Can I hear the pros/cons with both setup for the folks who own one style or the other? Dealing with the front wheels inside the cab can be a minor annoyance but it's doable. How much of...
  8. alia176

    Sweet eBay bumper for Tacos and 4th gen 4runners for $600 shipped!

    I kid you not! Even cheaper at $350 Local Pick up( Des Plaines, Illinois or Oakland, CA or MOBILE, ALABAMA)
  9. alia176

    OME Sport shocks for 80 series

    I have a set of good condition, no leaks shocks for sale. Approx 40k miles, still have lots of life left. Rear shock body got slight road rash as you can see from the pic. My 80 is too top heavy for these shocks to control the body to my satisfaction. They will work with 2.5" - 4" lifted 80...
  10. alia176

    Trip report: Cosmic campground camping and Mineral Creek hiking

    This past weekend took us to Southern NM where one of only two dark sky sanctuary location exists at the Cosmic campground, near Reserve NM. You haven't seen stars until you've seen them on a dark night from this place. We were able to see the flaming con trail of a flying star :eek:. The CG...
  11. alia176

    Where can I purchase this cool tire swingout latch deal?

    The attached pic from a Smittybilt rear bumper but I'm sure somebody makes it for other bumper vendors. I'm aware of the Southco lateches and I have one of those already but was looking for more beef! Another example of Smittybilt sold at Summit. Same concept, just a different billet...
  12. alia176

    Who dat?

    Well, I met the owner of this sweet setup yesterday as he came out of Yearwood performance on Eubank. @BDA130 Dan is from Clovis and this is second JDM rig; the other one is a BJ70. He was stationed at Japan and brought this VX over. He also gave me a tour of the camper and it's quite nice...
  13. alia176

    Is there a pre-made slideout kitchen drawer someone sells?

    I'm curious if such thing exists before I pay a bender to bend me some 1/8" ALUM. I think most trailer vendors make their own and not for individual sale to the public but if you know of someone, please pipe up. I just want the slideout deal, not a combo sink/stove like the Dometic brand. Thanks.
  14. alia176

    Residential DSL line testing

    Are there any century link folks here? I'm curious if I can test my home DSL line to figure out where the rodents ate through my line :bang: I'm aware of PING and the usual I.T. stuff but I wanted a real diagnostic tool/methodology. I don't own any fandangle ISDN testers but if someone...
  15. alia176

    Events/Trails  White Rim trail over Thanksgiving: 11/28 - 11/30

    I"m thinking about pulling another Canyonland permit for running the White Rim trail over the holidays. I'll be childless and got nowhere to be so figured on heading to UT. Anyone else might be interested? I need two other rigs to fill the permit and haven't pulled it yet.
  16. alia176

    Anyone got 3M VHB 4611 high temp double sided foam tape?

    If so, I need couple of inches of it and don't feel like buying a whole roll!! It has to be the exact part #. LMK.
  17. alia176

    Who Dat?

    Saw this guy on base, by the Air Force East gym yesterday. Couldn't find a good place to leave HDC calling card so I just left it somewhere in the vehicle, prolly flew out by now!
  18. alia176

    Ouray convoy and meetup thread, Aug 7-11, 2019

    Everyone, Please post up in this thread any convoy info or meetups for the upcoming Ouray trip. Some folks are asking me about convoys and such so it makes sense to discuss that topic here. My plan is to depart ABQ after Isabelle's 9th grade registration which starts at 10:30. I'm hoping to...
  19. alia176

    Factory throttle control knob needs a part, where to source?

    I had to remove the black knob from the throttle cable the other day and broke the brass barb deal. This is the deal that allows the knob to be slid on then it clicks. This way you can pull the black knob out to increase idle rpm, then turn it to lock. Anybody know where I can source this barb...
  20. alia176

    Events/Trails  NMBDR part III - July 19-21

    It's time to finish up NMBDR and we're looking to meet up at a camp spot above Youngsville, NM, on July 19th. I have that day off from work so I'll leave earlier in the day but feel free to show up to the site whenever time allows on Friday. Here's the meetup spot for Friday night, which is...
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