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  1. enriquelaija

    My alarm RS3000 does not stop and keeps on chirping

    My ECU was soaked yesterday while washing the vehicle. We removed the water with a pressure air machine and was able to start again, but at midnight, it start on chirping and I had to remove the battery terminal in order to make it stop, today in the morning I am trying to mak eit work, the car...
  2. enriquelaija

    What is this connector for?

    Any ideas of the purpose of this connector?
  3. enriquelaija

    New Leather in Steering Wheel ...... again (With Pictures)

    A few days ago I tried to install a new leather on my steering wheel and I was able to do it, several defects in the final product, but the main one that make me do it all over again was the color, it was too light and I wanted some brown darker. I have found my first piece of leather here in...
  4. enriquelaija

    New Leather in Steering Wheel

    Hi, I am not sure if someone has tried before, but I am planning on adding new leather to my steering wheel, I have seen some videos in you tube instructing how to sew, so I am going to give it a try. I already remove the old leather that was all full of holes and the good thing is that the...
  5. enriquelaija

    9.5 mpg on my FJ80, any ideas to improve it?

    HI, I believe this is the first time posting here, I have a 97 FJ80 with Diff Locks and I love the car, but my mpg is really low, the CEL was ON due to the P0401 and I added a resistor to fool the computer and it worked, after that I had the CEL ON again and this time was due to the O2 sensors...
  6. enriquelaija

    Wanted  1997 Land cruiser transfer case speed sensor

    Looking for speed sensor located on transfer case for a land cruiser 1997. Shipped to 92154, please contact me at
  7. enriquelaija

    P0500 - Need Help Land Cruiser 1997

    Hi, I have the check engine on and this is the code P0500, My speedometer is not working, I bought it like that, One of the possible causes is that the VSS is damaged, does anybody knows where is located? Is there an easy way to know if is faulty? I read another threads indicating that there...
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