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    No one can figure it out ! Alignment Issue

    2018 LX570 - car has always pulled to the Right and ive had to hold the wheel slighty left to go straight . Dealer said its normal with those 21" tires they put it on the rack and showed me all parameters were green . Went to a indy shop and they said the same , so I moved on . I rotated the...
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    Show me your 16+ LX570 with Aftermarket Wheels.

    It time to ditch my 21" stock wheel, looking for a set of 18's , Never realized how hard it is to find aftermarket wheel for this vehicle - 5x150 bolt pattern and hub size , 2 local vendors told me they had nothing for it . Looking for some ideas !
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    Cant get it to go straight

    I have not tried this , i will today . , Also was not able to find my alignment print out , found a shop down in dallas who specialize in suspension and alignments only - am going to give them a try .
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    Cant get it to go straight

    Ill try and find my recent alignment printout , When they are aligning the vehicle they first put it in N - and then click OFF . I tried rotating the tires and still does the same . No modifications on the vehicle , vehicle is bone stock with 30k miles and its been this was since day 1 - i...
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    Cant get it to go straight

    Hello all , my 2018 LX570 since new has had a issue with pulling all over the place. Mostly if i hold the wheel straight itll go LEFT on the highway i drive on usually , other highway it may pull right , sways around . I've gone to the dealer since it had 100 miles on it , dealer told me the...
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