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    Cream Puff Build Thread

    It’s a Dometic 50
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    Builds I bought a Whale, now I gotta build it and use it

    Looks great Nolen!
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    Cream Puff Build Thread

    Been wanting to add a single drawer for quite a while. Finally pulled the trigger around Black Friday due to some good discounts. Purchased through AVO because they are local to me. Install wasn’t bad, took my time and made sure I had it all right. Took about 3 hours. Some pics.
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    Official LX570s Picture Thread

    That’s a sharp color!
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    RTT Picture Thread

    Man that looks good. My wife has the exact same model and color. Great looking vehicle all around, love the clean look. Was going to ask about how it handles the weight with AHC, but it looks like you have made lots of mods to handle that per your sig. Did you do a sensor lift at all?
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    How was the install?
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    "Champagne Dream" 1996 Lexus LX450

    Nice! I am considering the exact same vehicle except it is bone stock. It also has the same issues as yours (ABS and Check Engine). Any advice from mud on these? Are they common issues? I have an LX470 and LX570, but 80 Series are new to me. Anything to look at for in the LX specific ones?
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    Impex is LEGIT 4 new AHC globes. Door To Door from Japan, less than 2 weeks

    I just ordered them for my wife's LX570, the parts for those are even cheaper than the 100 Series. I think they are like $375 shipped.
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    Wife’s LX570 Build

    Better late than never, here’s how she sits currently.
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    Official LX570s Picture Thread

    My wife’s daily driver. Not a ton of mods but a great vehicle. Love driving it!
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    Front Differential Bushing Replacement - the Easy way!

    Are these all the part numbers required?
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    Coil springs for AHC

    Great info, thanks for your help! After dialing down my sensor lift from max height to mid-way, my front pressures were low. After adjusting t-bars again I am at 6.9 front and 6.9 rear. This is with a full tank of gas, no passengers, on level ground. I have not unplugged the temp sensor for rear...
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    Coil springs for AHC

    Some more info. Globes are just replaced a few months back. Sensor lift is maxed out and rig is heavy. Front and rear bumpers with spare tire swing out, roof rack. Have a hitch swing arm for my bike rack. Often haul lots of bikes or my camping trailer. Front pressures are 6.9 so right at spec...
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    Coil springs for AHC

    I am at 7.7 with King Springs. What are people doing when Kings are not enough? I don't think spacers will make a big enough change in pressure since the rear is so far out of spec. Thoughts or ideas on 80 series vs 100 series springs? Other options?
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    Coil springs for AHC

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    Cream Puff Build Thread

    Its perfect for us. For camping trips I have an overlanding trailer I pull behind. My wife has a 200 Series and she has no need for larger car either.
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    CRUISER GARAGE Ash Tray Mounts

    Would the SwitchPro version work with an AuxBeam switch controller? I know it is not designed for it, but was curious if I could velcro/tape it to the mount as they are similar in size?
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    Cream Puff Build Thread

    Indexed the torsion bars today. Man what a pain. Please note the write-up has a glaring error in the direction to adjust. I think not reading that cost me 2 hours. I got it finished though and it greatly helped my AHC pressures. See before and after readings. I also installed the OEM TB...
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    Freedom Off-road UCA

    Mine seem to be doing well. I do notice some rubbing, so I would say make sure you have the stated lift required to run these.
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    Wife’s LX570 Build

    Really bad at updating this thread. I will get some recent pics with the Slee formed sliders and the BFG's and Rock Warriors. Overall this is a great rig and is used on lots of road trips/vacations. Only real issues have been noisy front brakes (OEM rotors and pads) and the driver side mirror...
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