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  1. JPHockerAZ

    WTB - locked trail-prepped 80 series in AZ

    I think you tried this a few years ago. Im going to say it again: Dont do it!!;) But really I hope it works out good for you man, Id even be tempted to pick it up for the wife if I didnt live in Alabama now!:doh:
  2. JPHockerAZ

    any phx wrecking yards have an 80 series?

    Rick, dont know if it helps but I have a front axle housing with nothing in it. no birfs, third etc..
  3. JPHockerAZ

    RTH needed Tucson area

    It was a shattered bearing race on the pinion. The crush sleeve actually looked to be in fair shape.
  4. JPHockerAZ

    5th annual Tucson CSC New Years Run

    I know im not officially on the list but count me out. My rear diff is really messed up and I just had surgery today:frown:. Not happening but maybe a few of us can run it in the spring. Have fun.
  5. JPHockerAZ

    RTH needed Tucson area

    Public thanks to spiltshot for helping out! What would a cruiser project be without a 15 minute repair turning into a 4 hour project.:cheers:
  6. JPHockerAZ

    RTH needed Tucson area

    Well I suppose Oracle could work. Ill buy some gear oil and check it often on the drive up there. anyone think some duct tape will work as a very temporary fix to slow the gear oil spill:hillbilly:. Splitshot, PM me your info when you see this. Thanks.
  7. JPHockerAZ

    RTH needed Tucson area

    My rear pinon seal let go today on the drive home from christmas in Sierra Vista. There is gear oil everywhere from the rear axle back. I do have a spare seal but I do not have the tools or the space to replace it. I have all day Sunday 12-27 and most of the day Monday 12-28 if someone could...
  8. JPHockerAZ

    Tucson FJ45LBP owners

    I just saw a late 60's faded tan FJ45 LBP parked on the side of a street on the east side pantano area that I frequent often. Not a residence, you have one nice truck. It had a car seat, a winch, and an Obama sticker on the tailgate. So who owns it! Come to think of it... I have driven down...
  9. JPHockerAZ

    I go 80

    It sucks to hear the 82 60 is gone, that was a nice rig, it sucked when I got rid of mine so I know your pain... I have not looked back with the 80 though:). Cool find, have fun. Joel
  10. JPHockerAZ

    Moab and H.R. 1925

  11. JPHockerAZ

    Local 70?

    I have seen that two tone 70 in town twice before, havent met the guy though
  12. JPHockerAZ

    Cruiser in SV for sale

    FYI I dont know what shape it is in now. But that was my parents 55 they sold a few years ago. When they sold it, it had a 71 f engine in it and was tough to keep running. They tried everything from a new oem carb to a electronic weber. There was very small rust holes in the rocker panels and a...
  13. JPHockerAZ

    FREE is better than $5000

    My bad citizen side would say it is mine and not tell her and be done with it. But I would just end up slapped by the :princess: if I told her the truth so just spend the $5000 especially if it is a 95-97!
  14. JPHockerAZ

    ARB /Slee stuff for sale

    pm sent
  15. JPHockerAZ

    4th annual CSC New Year C-Gap run

    Sounds like it was a blast. I got caught up with work and missed out:frown:. I had fun last year though. I want to see more pictures!
  16. JPHockerAZ

    4th annual CSC New Year C-Gap run

    Im in.
  17. JPHockerAZ

    Notice anything different?

    In response to thread topic: Whenever my girlfriend asks me that question, which happens alot I just say no but I did wash the cruiser did you notice?:D
  18. JPHockerAZ

    New cruiser dog

    Cool dog Alvin, looks kinda like a Rhodesian Ridgeback/boxer mix.
  19. JPHockerAZ

    Photo of my rig

    There was one on 4th or 3rd st for awhile near the university that was beat to hell and missing things off the headlights. Same color too.
  20. JPHockerAZ

    Friday Nov. 28, Tucson-Chiva lower loop run

    Sorry to hear:frown: I had to be the bad guy and lay off 3 people from my shop this week. I however, think the worst thing for people to do in a bad economy is not spend money. I still try to spend about as much as I used to to live up to my statement. I hope a few others do to.
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