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    SOLD Oregon: 1999 Toyota Landcruiser

    Sold with deposit, pending pick up.
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    SOLD Oregon: 1999 Toyota Landcruiser

    Some pictures from our adventures.
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    SOLD Oregon: 1999 Toyota Landcruiser

    The red hue isn't rust, they throw a bunch of red cinder on the roads around here for traction in the winter.
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    SOLD Oregon: 1999 Toyota Landcruiser

    Firstly, forgive the dirt. I will clean it and update the pictures when the weather calms down, which might be a while. The body is straight, paint has swirl marks but is all there. Details: 1999 Toyota Landcruiser $17,000 Front, rear and center E-lockers. Rear locker is factory, front Harrop...
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    Parting Out Franklin, TN - 1998 100 Series - gray/tan

    You wouldn't happen to have the back seat center headrest would you? price shipped to 97759
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    Parting Out San Antonio, TX 2000 100 series part out, interio

    Do you have the rear seat center headrest ?
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    Poll on total brake failure in 100 series

    That sounds shouldn't take longer than 35 seconds to build pressure. If it's not running continuously for those 40 seconds you mentioned, I believe it's within spec. If it is running for 40 seconds continuously that's out of spec according to the manual if my memory serves. If it is...
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    Poll on total brake failure in 100 series

    I just replaced the whole master assembly. Took about an hour, super easy. Brakes feel much better.
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    Poll on total brake failure in 100 series

    Mine just took a dump on a cold morning. ABS and Brake light then the alarm. Is this all I need to replace to fix this issue? 47050-60012 Genuine Toyota Brake Booster Assy, W/Master Cylinder -
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    SOLD Port Republic MD, 2000 Land Cruiser

    Im interested in the rear center headrest if its in decent condition, to 97759
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    OME 1.5" lift vs spacers, other alternatives

    Explainer here. I run air bags with stock suspension in mine. works like a champ! levels out my 2300lb trailer and I don't need to run stiff springs just for the days I'm loaded up. My next move will be to do what was recommended here, re-index and spacers w/ the bags (probably a diff drop...
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    Poll on total brake failure in 100 series

    Any examples of the dying seagul? While warming up the LC yesterday morning I could hear what sounded like the brake pump squealing slightly over the engine noise. No lights and it went away after what seemed like too long.
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    How many triple locked 100's here?

    I have a tripple locked 100, Harrop up front, Factory Rear (99), using the FR-RR Toyota switch. bone stock other then that and tires. Im going to have to investigate that front diff lock light in the dash!
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    AirDownGearUp SS1: Storage, Sleeper and Drawer System for 100 series

    any chance I can add that onto an order that's in process :D
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    DIY: Replacing heater hose pipe T's *important*

    Well this PSA is important...Mine looked brand new but the hot side broke/crumbled into pieces upon removal, some of which now reside in the heater core.
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    Borla on the LX470

    got one from summit racing.
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    AirDownGearUp SS1: Storage, Sleeper and Drawer System for 100 series

    Awesome, ordered! No idea these existed, exactly what I was after.
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    HELP. Broke my front diff at Moab.

    I ordered the Harrop and all the required parts from them and paid a local shop about 1200 to do the remove/replace diff + locker install + wire up. They will hook you up with everything you need.
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    33” AT all seas tire suggestion

    I have the Les Schwab ( local tire place) version of the Falken Wildpeak AT3W (same factory makes it), been really enjoying them.
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    Switched 12v passenger side engine bay

    Hoping someone can help me out with some knowledge before I start going to work with a multi meter. I'm hoping to pick up some switched 12v to run a relay in the engine bay on my aux battery tray. Vehicle is a 99 Landcruiser v8. Running the relay to control 7pin trailer power connection
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