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  1. foxtrot678

    ACSD Removal 1HD-T

    Hey everyone, quick question… is there any specific reason that the coolant lines need to be looped after removal? I know this returns the cooling system to the same configuration, but is this loop needed for proper operation or is it solely there for the ACSD? i would rather cap off the lines...
  2. foxtrot678

    HDJ80 maintenance and modification thread - another one...

    Nice! looks like a clean rig. where in Germany are you? I just got my HDJ80 last month and live near Kaiserslautern. have you found any good parts sources locally? i’ve been ordering everything on partsouq and the import taxes are killing me haha.
  3. foxtrot678

    What are People Doing These Days for Fuel Tank Inlet Pipe (77201-60350)

    only thing i could imagine is different is the inlet size on the nozzle side (due to gasoline nozzles being smaller for the idiot proofness) which would mean that the trim around it and gas cap might be different, but could still be made to work most likely. if anyone wants measurements, let me...
  4. foxtrot678

    What are People Doing These Days for Fuel Tank Inlet Pipe (77201-60350)

    Partsouq has them in stock for a diesel at least. don’t know how much of a difference it is between diesel and gasoline. just finished replacing the rubber portion between the neck and tank yesterday, and spent about 2 hours cleaning the 1/2” of gunk built up on it. only a couple spots of rust...
  5. foxtrot678

    Jabberwocky Build 93’ HDJ80

    First thing was to ditch the seat covers, I’ve always hated the cheap ones that slide around. not sure what seats these are under them, but they aren’t in great shape. I’ll add this to the list of things to change.
  6. foxtrot678

    Jabberwocky Build 93’ HDJ80

    some more photos
  7. foxtrot678

    Jabberwocky Build 93’ HDJ80

    Hi everyone, I recently acquired a 1993 Land Cruiser HDJ80. This will be where I document the journey of baselining and modifying what the family and I have named The Jabberwocky. I am new to Land Cruiisers, but not to toyota. I have been in the 4runner family since I could drive, and i have...
  8. foxtrot678

    For Sale Toyota repair manuals for 60-70-80-100 series

    i’m honestly not sure, it’s original to Belgium, so no VIN plate on the pillar, only on the firewall. this is my vin plate:
  9. foxtrot678

    For Sale Toyota repair manuals for 60-70-80-100 series

    might be a dumb question, i’m newer to 80 series so i’m not sure of all of the changes year by year. i have a 1993 hdj80. will numbers 8 and 10 be applicable to mine? or are there changes between the years that will be a big difference?
  10. foxtrot678

    Parting Out Sacramento Ca 1994 FZJ80 .

    Hi there, do you happen to have right side (us passenger) rear seat belt assembly in grey? would need all the bolts/spacers too. thanks!
  11. foxtrot678

    For Sale Most Recent 80 Series Prices

    Hi everyone, used to be a member here but i think my account got deleted from inactivity. anyways, looking at getting back into a rig and trying to gauge pricing. i’m looking at one this week. i’m currently stationed in Europe, and found one that i’m interested in but want some help for pricing...
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