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  1. JPHockerAZ

    For Sale 1991 HZJ77 ZX Turbo Diesel

    No problem! I think that qualifies me for a 1st in line spot. My PM box is empty!:D
  2. JPHockerAZ

    For Sale 1991 HZJ77 ZX Turbo Diesel

    Missed the sale on the 80 a few years ago. Now this... You need to find another sweet new ride and sell of one of those pickups.:grinpimp:
  3. JPHockerAZ

    For Sale 1997 Land Cruiser in Texas $6700

    It is a U.S Spec FZJ80. It has no sliding rear windows because it has no third row seats. Cloth seats are also a rare oddity for a late model U.S FZJ80 but some did have them. The truck was most likely a special order from the dealer as most 1st buyers wanted the leather/third row. This is...
  4. JPHockerAZ

    For Sale 1997 Land Cruiser in Texas $6700

    Very nice rig. I like that it is white, grey cloth interior, lockers and no third row from the looks of it. Should have no problem selling such a unique rig.
  5. JPHockerAZ

    94 Landcruiser

    Did I miss something? for the love of god why:confused: Bump for a good truck though.
  6. JPHockerAZ

    1987 HJ61VX, 39k miles, US legal

    Was anything changed on it when you paid to have it U.S legal?
  7. JPHockerAZ

    '97 LC 40th Anniversary in Tucson

    Just an experiance with that lot... I think I almost bought your green/tan cloth 80 a little over a year ago now from that lot. I drove it twice, loved the cloth tan interior, disliked (at the time) the greasy knuckles, and the northeast (slightly rusty underneath) history it had. After I...
  8. JPHockerAZ

    1987 HJ61VX, 39k miles

    The first HJ61 I ever saw in real life. It is beautiful, if you would have put this up here 2 months ago I would have bought it:crybaby:. Good luck with the sale.
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